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30 Vegan School Snacks and Lunch Recipes

As our family transitions into healthy eating, the school lunch or snacks is a challenge. It can be an overwhelming thought. I always have to remind myself that vegan or plant-based meals do not have to be complicated. When we overthink the meals (talking about myself here..), we get easily discouraged. The best advice I can give is to just try and do your best! Depending on your reason for adopting a vegan lifestyle, try not to get overwhelmed. If your reason is only to make better healthy choices, try to be flexible. Do not impose your belief or choices to other families and your own kid. Most especially if they had been exposed to different meals (other than vegan). It is not an overnight change.

You can start by serving a meatless meal once or twice a week. If you are not vegan and you stumble upon this posts...don't leave yet! The collection below is delicious and nutritious! Give them a try!

The recipe collection/round-up is in a link-up style to make the viewing of all the images easy. If the images do not load up, feel free to open it as an external link (right click and choose open new tab).

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