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40 Dolch Sight Words for Pre-Kindergarten

 Our Lucy is in Kindergarten,she had already mastered the first 100 sight words. She did read at a young age ( Read : How We've Taught Our Now 5 yr old To Read at the Age of 3) but we still did a lot of reading, repetition and tracing.  You can use Letter Tiles to make it more interesting by letting your child form the sight words using the tiles.



Print the flashcards on card stock, you can also laminate them to make it more durable, punch a hole in a corner and use  a Leaf Ring Binder Key Ring

. This way  you can always have it handy. You can easily throw it in your purse and while waiting for an appointment or waiting in line, your child can practice their sight words. You can also print these on card stock and laminate, so your child can use it over and over again. I've always used sheet protectors to save money.  Let your child say the sight words to you while tracing.

Ways to use the matching cards :

1. Matching game.
2. Hide and seek a sight word - make it an active fun by playing this game in your living room. Spread and hide all the sight words.
3. I spy a sight word. If you are teaching more than one child, make it a game and whoever finds the most matching sight words wins!
4. Sight word sticks. Paste the sight words on a Popsicle stick. Let  your child stick the matching sight words on a block of Styrofoam.
5. Cut and Paste. If your child is ready , let her/him cut the sight words and paste the matching sight words in a piece of copy paper. You can even make a mini lap book.

Make it fun and engaging! Take the child's lead and practice the sight words when you can.

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  1. too cute! A little to young for my oldest right now but I love some of the other printables for her.

  2. I visited my son's school in session. I popped at Phoenix pre-k unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Every parent should do this. They had some structured learning but also a lot of playing which I think is the best way for children to learn.

  3. These words may be a good thing to be used for those kids especially that this might be useful for them to slowly nourish their learning and be able to learn something from it that would totally become a useful thing for them in the future.

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