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Simple Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

Who is St. Patrick? 

  Did you know that St.Patrick is not Irish?  St. Patrick was born in Britain. His father, Calphurnius was a Christian deacon. His mother,  Conchessa was a close relative of the great patron St. Martin of Tours. At the age of 16, St. Patrick was taken prisoner by Irish raiders They took him to Ireland where he spent six years in captivity. During his time in captivity, he worked as a shepherd, outdoors away from people, and became a deeply devoted Christian. St. Patrick was guided by his visions. He saw in his vision, children of Irish pagans reaching out their hands to him. After his vision, he grew increasingly determined to convert the Irish to Christianity.

   After more than six years of being a prisoner, he escaped to Britain and had another vision to return to Ireland. He returned to Ireland as a missionary. Soon after, Patrick began his religious studies. Training or the course of study lasted more than 15 years. After his ordination as a priest, he was sent to Ireland with a dual mission: to minister to Christians already living in Ireland and to begin to convert the Irish.

Here are some super easy, simple, and budget-friendly crafts to make with your kids or students.


You will need: green, red, black, white and yellow construction paper

A good way to practice cut and paste skills.  Draw lines on the red paper strip ( that will serve as the beard) and let your child cut it.

easy peasy..


You will need green tempera paint, paintbrushes, shamrock template, scissors, string, and a hole puncher.

Get the shamrock printable here from Twisty Noodle.

Let it dry completely. Punch holes on top and use yarn to string the shamrocks. 

of course..proudly display it.


You'll need: yellow ( for the gold coins), black ( for the pot) and white construction paper
scissors, paste,  do dot art daubers.

If your child is ready, let her/him cut the coins. It may not be perfect but that is totally fine, practice makes it perfect. Our 2 yr old Lily has not mastered this skill yet, so she did get some help from me. She did all the pasting/gluing parts.

We love these do dot art daubers. The craft and art that you can make using these are endless. We used it on our letter practice for Letter of the Week for Preschool.

Making Learning Fun offers tons of printables that you can use with Do a Dot Art.

 To read more about this product or to purchase, click here: Do A Dot Art Marker Rainbow, 6-pack 

We use the daubers to create a rainbow!


You'll need Leprechaun printable, paste, scissors, crayons or markers.

This printable is very simple, made with basic shapes. So while you are at it, teach kids about the shapes and colors too.  

Click here for the printable: Leprechaun printable from first-school


You'll need: shamrock printable, paste, split pea or green lentils

get the shamrock printable here:

This is a clever way to practice fine motor skills too...


 Got cake mix? You can definitely make these easy rainbow cupcakes.

See it here : Rainbow Cupcake

Finally, you can get this cute banner here from Hoosier Homemade.  She has some awesome and cute St. Patrick's Day printables like cupcake toppers, bag toppers, drink flags, cake bunting and many more.

If you want to teach your kids what St. Patrick's Day is all about, read on Teach-nology. They have some pretty good series about the history and activities for St. Paddy's Day.

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Have fun!!!

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