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DIY Paint Chip Easter Bunny Banner

Here's a very frugal way to decorate for Easter. You will just need different colors of paint chips ( Pastel / light colors), puncher and a string. You can get the paint chips free at any Home Depot, Lowe's or even at Walmart stores.

 Get the free bunny template printable HERE.

Using the bunny template, trace and cut the bunnies. punch holes and use whatever string you have in hand. You can use a thin ribbon too. Very colorful and easy to make! If you are in a creative mood, you can add some glitters or wiggly eyes, add some cotton balls for the bunny tail. Since simplicity and easy is what I am aiming for..I just left it as is. It is still cute and an eye-catcher for sure.

Display it by your mantel or hallway...

Perhaps by the window?

Have fun!




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