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DIY Family Signs

   Rob , my husband likes and appreciates handmade , DIY and sentimental gifts. Whether it's a scribble of crayons or hand painted arts made by our girls , he will proudly display it. This family sign is very easy to make. It is one of the Christmas presents we gave for the special man in our lives.  Do not wait for Christmas to make this easy DIY gifts, how about Father's Day? Make it a sentimental Father's day gift.

what's up with the " as big as the sky"

 It was really hard when Rob and I were dating because it was a long distance relationship. He lives in Northern California and I live in Southern California. You know those moments that you just wanted to be mushy and just hear an assurance about your relationship.. I had those! a lot actually..I must confess. I asked him how much he loves me..he said " as big as the sky".

When Lucy was about 18 mos old and  learning her words , She would point to the trees , the moon , the flowers..etc. She pointed at the sky and her daddy said..yes..Lucy that's the sky..that's how much I Love you,,as big as the sky. That phrase is sentimental for us.

Here's what you'll need:

5x22 wood plaques -- bought mine at Michael's for $7 and used a coupon . Great Bargain :)

Wood Stain - bought this at home depot , we asked the sales associate for the smallest can 
( I always feel lost at Home Depot -- I guess it is the same feeling my husband gets at the make up aisle)

Brush -- I used the foam brush , bought it at Michael's for .25 cents on sale

vinyl decal -- I custom ordered the vinyl  ( ebay for less than $15)

Start by staining your wood plaque . Let it dry ( mine took a day and a half to dry)

Lay out your decal , as how you want it to be. Making sure it is centered.

Gently pull the white backing, leaving the vinyl decal / lettering on tape.

Place the decal on your wood plaque.
Run a hard card, such as a credit card over the tape to make the decal stick nicely on the wood. 
Run it over a few times.

Slowly pull the tape . 

Make sure the vinyl sticks to the wood and off the tape.

Do the same steps for the second vinyl decal. Lay it out first as well, as for how you want it to be.

Easy right? 

 Nothing is much more special I think that a personalized hand made with a love gift.

You can put a lil note at the back too.

Here's mine.

This is a perfect gift as well for an anniversary, wedding, even a housewarming gift.

or cuter for a baby name sign too.

I would love to connect with you! 

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