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Simple Make up and Nail Cleaning Kit Organization

Is being organize one of your resolutions for 2014 ? If so , you are in the right track. We like to consider ourselves as an organized couple. With two little kids at home  , it is indeed a challenge. We do our best  since we have limited space . Organization is a process. It can not be done overnight . It should not cost you an arm and a leg. It is a habit. I just don't think you will ever get done organizing because your families needs will change and you will have some addition or will reduce some of your stuff.  You will have to adjust your techniques in organization depending on your current situation as well.

I will post a few series of organization as well , that don't have to be expensive. Don't get caught up with buying a whole lot of things to help you organize . Sometimes your first step will just have to be creativity and the right attitude as well. I think Organization and living with less or simplicity goes hand in hand.

I must mention that I do not own a lot of make ups, so this organization is simple and easy to maintain.

I store my make ups inside our medicine cabinet. and where do I store our medicines?

In a container , in our closet. At the very top shelf where the kids can't reach it of course - why? because
 Heat, humidity and poor ventilation can cause drugs to deteriorate so they're not effective.
For example, a warm, muggy environment can cause aspirin tablets to break down into acetic acid (vinegar) and salicylic acid, both of which can irritate the stomach. ( Source :  Storing medicine safely )

While make up and make up brushes expose to humidity, heat and so on ,  is not ideal  as well. I think storing them inside the cabinet , and replacing them frequently will do you a little to no harm.

so back to the organization part ...

I bought these little square containers at the dollar store , they came in pack of four.

here's the top shelf..

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the second shelf ...

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the third shelf

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and that's it.

Now for my nail cleaning kit and nail polishes..

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Inside the clear cosmetic bag is where I put all of my nail polishes , the little pouch and an extra nail tool kit.

 Inside the small pouch , is where I put all of my nail tools ( nail clippers , nipper etc) , cotton balls, Q tips  and nail files.

I prefer to put all of my nail stuff in a small bag  so it is very easy grab when I want to use it. I store my nail cleaning kit on top of a shelf as well inside our bathroom. 

There are a lot of benefits in being organized. ( See : Benefits of Being Organized ) It makes everyday a little less chaotic and makes functioning less stressful. 

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  1. Looks nice and neat. I'm about to embark on my makeup organization...I really let it get out of control!

    1. Hi Amy ! Thank you for stopping by :) really appreciate it..

      Have a wonderful 2014 !

  2. Love how you have everything in it's place and at-the-ready. I have the same colorful little containers. They are the perfect thing for corralling those small items. So glad you shared this at the All Things Spring Link Up. We are all ready to spruce ourselves up for Spring!

  3. With two little kids at home , it is indeed a challenge. We do our best since we have limited space . Organization is a process. It can not be done ...


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