Thursday, June 9, 2011

Frugal Ways to Entertain a Toddler

Have you ever felt bad about not buying enough toys for your kids? And most of us, finds it challenging to entertain a toddler while trying to keep up with chores. Toddlers gets bored too and they do have a short attention span. There are frugal ways to entertain your toddler. Things around your house that can be interesting to them. Here's a few that our lil one loves to do:

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Sticky 1-2-3 ( 1-2-3 butterflies and planes)

Since they love to pull things down, this is a good play for them to learn numbers . I printed numbers (1-4), put a tape behind the cardstock and stuck it in the fridge ( in order left to right..1-4).  You can also do 1-10.
 Ask them to get it and put it on a basket. Every time he/she catches it, say the number on the

Lucy's Busy Box

It is hard to cook and wash dishes when u have a toddler screaming. As much as we want to give them our 24/7 attention, there are chores we have to do sooner or later.

the kitchen, by our pantry shelves..she loves to touch and play with everything within her reach.  Her busy box includes :  An empty crate, bowls, utensils you do not use..should be safe for them of course.

Lucy's mailbox

This keeps her busy for a while, what you need are:

  • an empty box ( can be a diaper box or a shipping box), -- cut a hole on top similar to a mailbox ( big enough so you van reach
  • mails, flyers, envelopes ( junk mails). 

Make a homemade play dough , it is easy , fun and colorful

Homemade Kool Aid Play dough

You can make a homemade Sandbox , for only $7 

Looking for more ways to entertain young one?


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