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Family Daily Chore List and Printable

 Summer is in full swing and I am grateful for the break. We try to balance rest, fun, projects, have-to-do's,  and adventures. My "have-to-do" list includes the projects and chores I neglected while working at the school. One of the things that we had been slacking on was the structured chores. Some school days are just so busy that we just do what is necessary on that day. That was ok for that season, however with my personality...I need a more structured chore daily. I do not like when I have to spend an entire day catching up with all the chores. I like to be able to have downtime and a restful day with my family. 

A well-kept home and a home free of clutter are so important to me. Some studies show how clutter affects our minds. I am not looking for a spot-free and magazine-looking home, just a home that will serve my family better. For my family dynamic, chores divided daily and per room really work. I am sharing a free chore list that you can personalize. If you are a visual type of person, this cute chore chart displayed on your fridge or command center will help you organize your chores and have-to-do's.


It is important to note that our daughters are school-age and can handle specific types of chores. Over the years, I have adjusted the chores depending on their age and skill. As I have mentioned above, dividing our chores daily and per room makes the load light. Furthermore, we do the chores as a family. It makes a bigger task doable, encourages teamwork, and it is more fun doing it as a family. You may set a timer or a specific time of the day to do it. Of course, this may seem impossible if you are a family who is always on the go. I am encouraging you to be flexible and reflect on ways to modify chores. 

This is our chore chart. This is not all-inclusive because there are chores that we do monthly. 

Remember that the goal is to avoid stress and to reclaim family time. There are two ways to print this blank chart: 

1. Right-click on the image below. Save the image and print, You may have to adjust some settings such as printing it on a full page.

2. Download a PDF for here: Chore List-Blank

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