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Great American Family: A Christmas for the Ages

  Have you always wondered how simple Christmas season was back in the day? I do! My hubby and I often reminisce how simple and memorable our Christmas was growing up. I did not have fancy gifts nor elaborate decorations around our home. We have a small plastic tree that was already disintegrated when we decided that its time for a new one. Even the replacement one was smaller one! My family did not use fancy and cute Christmas stocking, instead we used our own socks. Some years we did not even get anything. However, I do not remember feeling insufficient during the holidays. It was the family traditions that I cherished more. Also, the food. It's always the food.

 This wholesome and fun movie from Great American Family, will give you all the feels that you need during this Christmas season. If you are not feeling the "Christmas feels" yet, A Christmas for the Ages will remind you how wonderful this season truly is, especially with family. Though I wish there's more biblical perspective in this movie, overall it a family-friendly movie. I love how the characters shared what was Christmas like during their time or generation. There is some light drama and love story in this movie as well.


Prompted by their youngest granddaughter (Bure), four generations celebrate family and what Christmas was like in the 40s, 60s, 90s, and present day. 


Natasha Bure as Savannah 

Kate Craven as Kristi 

 Mariesa Crouse as Mindy 

Anthony Timpano as Rudy 

Dean Paul Gibson as Paul Mitchell 

Mel Tuck as  Jim Baynham

Giles Panton as Steve

Also stars, Chery Ladd  (Can I just say how gorgeous she is at her age!)

Director: Martin Wood

Watch the Trailer: A Christmas for all Ages


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