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12 Christian Christmas Movies to Watch

This is the year to celebrate Christmas with Pure Flix!  I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am that we have a Pureflix subscription. Yes, I am a Pureflix ambassador. However, we have been subscribed to Pureflix for years now. It is such a blessing to not worry about what we expose ourselves to or what shows our children watch. I am sure that you are wondering if there are enough shows or entertaining shows for all ages...yes they do! They got you covered: Romance, action, mystery, faith-filled,  informational, family )and kid) friendly, and comedy. You just have to try it. For new members, you can try Pureflix free for 7 days. A Pureflix subscription is also a wonderful gift to give!

  Do you love watching Christmas-themed movies or series? I surely do.  With 190 movies to inspire and encourage the whole family this season, you’ll experience the difference that positive entertainment can have. Pure Flix is your destination for the best Christmas movies! Christmas is a time for family and fellowship and there is no better way to celebrate than by streaming faith-filled and family-centric movies and shows on Pure Flix. 

  Pureflix has new quality faith and family entertainment every week, Which will leave you inspired and encouraged all season long.  Every week Pure Flix has themed movies and series that you will enjoy from miracles, romance, family fun, and much more! Now here are my top 10 movies and series from Pureflix that my family loves!

Christmas with a Capital C

A lawyer returns to a small town and attacks a traditional nativity display, but the townspeople learn that love can triumph over political correctness. This movie shows how human we are when it comes to hurting other people when we are hurting deep inside as well as how easy it easy to be vindictive and angry when people do us wrong. This movie is family-friendly and will surely leave you inspired and learn about forgiveness, humility, and trusting God. 
Watch the trailer HERE: Christmas with a Capital C

Legacy Peak

Set during the Christmas season, your family;y will enjoy this faith-based drama and will be your next favorite holiday film. This movie shows the real struggles and issues of blended families. Yet inspires us to be graceful, trusting, and forgiving.  Read the detailed rating for Legacy Peak here: Legacy Peak-Dove-org or you can also read my full review here: Pureflix: Legacy Peak Review

Silver Bells

An arrogant sportscaster performs community service during Christmas and learns the power of giving. Watch the trailer HERE: Silver Bells

Unlikely Angel

Janie is a power player in the boardroom but is falling apart at the thought of becoming a mom. A silent prayer is answered when an Angel intervenes and fast forwards her life. Can Janie learn to trust God and find her new purpose? Read my full review HERE: Unlikely Angel Review

Saved by Grace

Angels are amongst us and God has sent them on a mission to intercede on behalf of whispered prayers. Every encounter presents a new opportunity to change your approach to life. There are no chance meetings or coincidences in life. Read my full review HERE: Saved By Grace Review

Christmas Manger

An elderly man struggles with the death of his wife until his estranged foster child and her young daughter re-enter his life and give him a new purpose to live. Watch the trailer HERE: Christmas Manger


David’s comfortable world is turned upside down when his birthmother unexpectedly reaches out to him, longing to meet the 18-year-old son she’s only held once. With the encouragement of his adoptive parents, David embarks on a journey of discovery that leads to a staggering truth about his past. Watch the trailer HERE: Lifemark

Welcome to Hope

The residents of Hope, NY come to the aid of displaced foster children after St. Jerome's Home for Children has a fire right before Christmas, and many families find the foster children complete their homes. Watch the trailer HERE: Welcome to Hope

The Way

Experience the Bible like never before! This set of oratorios merges the ancient with the modern and brings the Bible to life with contemporary orchestral arrangements, powerful narration, and touching visuals. Watch the trailer HERE:The Way

Thursday Night Club

When a young woman filled with the Christmas spirit suffers a devastating loss, her four closest friends work to bring the spirit back to her by helping others. Watch the trailer HERE: Thursday Night Club

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