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Homeschool Awakening Movie Review

 Just a quick disclosure, I do have two daughters that go to a private Christian School. I do have a short experience with homeschooling my girls when they were in preschool. They eventually went to a public school for Kindergarten all the way to 3rd grade for my eldest and Kinder to 1st grade for my youngest.  why did we leave public school? A whole lot of reasons like not agreeing with the curriculum as the majority of it does not align with our core beliefs, the size of the class, the way discipline is being handled, and the overall system of public school. It is not the right fit for my family. My girls are unhappy and not thriving. I do believe that it is not the teacher's sole responsibility, that is why we took action. When we enrolled my girls into a private school, several people and friends may have not agreed with our decision but it was one of the best decisions that my husband and I made for them.

 The curriculum that is being used at their school now is widely used in homeschool (and Christian) settings. You may ask why did I just not homeschool our girls. The answer is: I would love to! But our daughters do thrive in a school setting. Did I regret sending our girls to a public school years ago? Absolutely, but we learned a whole lot from that experience. For instance, deciding what our girls learn and what curriculum will they be using. As I have mentioned above, before we removed our kids from the public school we looked into other schools and the curriculums and programs they used and researched homeschooling. We decided to choose a school that uses BJU press and Purposeful Design both focusing on academic rigor with a biblical worldview. 

Why did we not choose to homeschool?  Because we still have the ability to see and control what our kids learn. The private Christian school is the right fit for my family.

Now, you may wonder why control is a bad thing? It is when you let the State dictate what your child learns, on whatever age regardless of your family values.

A private Christian school is not cheap. While we lack the support of the government and no free programs, God always provides. Have we not found a school that partnered with us with their faith and education, I will doubt.

I am very excited to review this documentary by Kirk Cameron, Homeschool Awakening. I am happy that the homeschool platform is finally getting the right attention and proper credit.


Families across the nation are experiencing the homeschool awakening, taking advantage of the freedom and opportunities for self-discovery -- with the world as their classroom. Join award-winning actor, Kirk Cameron, as he dives into the adventures of dynamic American families on a mission to put fun and faith back into learning. The Homeschool Awakening explores the ins, outs, and honest answers to homeschooling’s most frequently asked questions.

Why do you need to watch this documentary?

First, it is only for a limited time (13 and 14 of June). Second, if you have ever considered homeschooling then you absolutely need to watch this film to hear and understand each family's thought process and why they chose to homeschool, and why it matters. Third, it may answer all the concerns or questions you may have about homeschooling. This documentary will empower you. I wished that I have seen this film before we enrolled my kids in public school.

Visit their website for more information: The Homeschool Awakening


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