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Free Devotionals

 A few days ago I have shared a couple of free resources for kids and families that aim to spread the gospel and deepen their relationship with God. The GO MOVEMENT and PRAYER MAPS are both free and useful tools in empowering us to pray for others. I have another great resource to share, free devotionals from Rhapsody International Mission. Why free? They believe in spreading the gospel in all formats regardless of age and spreading it throughout the world. 

I am sure that you have already heard the quote "strength in numbers". Rhapsody Internation Mission believes that we can all do our part in our community by spreading the gospel. There are ways to promote this, one is by ordering copies of devotionals to give to your friends and family as well as encouraging them to do the same. The second is by being a rhapsody ambassador.

Being a rhapsody ambassador requires a monetary commitment or sponsorship. It also does require ambassadors to create awareness for Rhapsody of Realities- its aims & objectives and partnership platforms. If you can not commit to a monthly sponsorship, you can still be a part of this great mission.  Share this great tool with your friends or community.


Rhapsody of Realities (Adults)

Rhapsody of Realities (Teevo)

Rhapsody of Realities Early Readers (6-12 yrs. old)

Rhapsody Of Realities for Kids (3-5 yrs old)

Grab your FREE COPIES HERE- Rhapsody Free Devo.

To be an Ambassador or to learn more information: Rhapsody International Mission

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