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1% Better Book Review

 It's been a while since I really sat down and read a book that not only is based on a true story but also inspiring. Inspiring in a sense that it will create a burning desire in your bellies to re-evaluate your dreams and create action towards it. The book that I am so thrilled to share with you is the 1% Better (Reaching My Full Potential and How You Can Too) by Chris Nikic and Nik Nikic.  You have probably heard of Chris Nikic, the first person with Down Syndrome to complete an Ironman Triathlon. Yes, you read that right, Ironman Triathlon. The sporting event will test your limit and involves rigorous training, discipline, and motivation.

 How is that possible you may ask? First, I would like to point that 1% Better is written in Nik Nikic’s voice. Chris and his accomplishments are the focus of 1% Better, and Chris is a co-author of the book as he was interviewed by his father and the writer. The book was written to inspire, teach, help, and share his son's successes. Chris with the help of his father, family, and a team achieved their goals by getting better 1% at a time. 

 "My mission is to honor God by being the best me I can be so I can be an example to others, I want to change the perceptions and raise expectations for others like me so we can reach our God-given potential.”     -- Chris Nikic

 The book did not shy away from sharing not only the victories but also the lows and true emotions. I can admit that I do not have any experience with people that has Down Syndrome or families raising kids with Down Syndrome. I have worked with children with special needs such as autism and ADHD/ADD but not with children with Down Syndrome. But I can tell you that working with special needs family has one common denominator: Parents who never stop fighting for their children because they believe in their kid's potential. They refuse to accept the broken system, They go through hoops to find the best intervention and resources for their children. They will hit a wall but they will never give up. Each day for them is a new set of challenges and wins. 

 1% Better started with Nik's upbringing. How he was raised, the qualities of his parents, and their living situation.  His mindset, determination, hard work, discipline, and achievements are a culmination of how he was raised and his faith. I couldn't help but also reminisce about my own childhood and the hard work of my parents to provide for us and send us to private school. We also did not have much in Philipines but we have what we need and we have parents who instilled values in us. Nik also shared how he achieved his goals and was able to live a comfortable life financially. It is also amazing how one person (or two) can change the trajectory of your life by words of inspiration. In the book, Nik discussed how John Wooden shared his words of wisdom that formed the bedrock of his philosophy as a business consultant and a father. The 1% Better concept developed by Mr. Nikic was inspired by John Wooden.

  More often we measure success with the outcome. We never celebrate the small victories along the way. We always believe in the "go big or go home" mentality or the "no pain, no gain". When I was reading the book, I thought about the concept of losing weight! Most women do want to lose weight (including me). Speaking for myself, I have tried several diet plans and I have sticked to nothing consistently. Ouch. I believe it is because I would always go 100% full force with a plan of course but somewhere along the way, the plan will exhaust me. I get so concentrated on the results that I want to reach. I do not go for small changes. This book gave me an AHA moment that I can reach my goal even if I go for getting better (making small changes) 1% at a time. Let me tell you though, this 1 % Better concept will change the trajectory of your life if you apply it with whatever dreams/goals you have whether it is paying off debt, sports, getting a new position at work, or getting to a great college. 

 I love that the book offers an appendix portion that shares the 1% Better System. It includes how we can change our mindsets and habits. Nik shares the principles of 1% Better in a way that is very easy to understand. You do not have to be a businessman to apply its concepts and steps. Plus, you can start right now!  It will help you (and I) achieve our goals and dreams using our own strengths and overcome obstacles along the way. 


What would life look like if you measured your success by improvements instead of victories? Nik Nikic shares the incredible story of his son Chris’s journey to become the first person with Down syndrome to ever complete an IRONMAN® triathlon, inspiring others to achieve their goals by getting 1 percent better every day. 

 From the moment Chris Nikic was born, his parents knew he could achieve anything he set his mind to do. So when he became involved in triathlons with the Special Olympics, his dad, Nik, took on the role of coach and encouraged Chris to aim even higher. Together, they set their sights on making history—Chris becoming the first person with Down syndrome to complete an IRONMAN® triathlon. Written from Chris’s father’s perspective, Nik shares the 1% Better mindset that has helped Chris achieve many of his goals—and the underlying principles of the 1% Better system can help you pursue and achieve your dreams too! Through Chris and Nik’s story, learn the benefits of applying the model to your own life and discover how to:

• Overcome the mental hurdles of pain 
• Stay motivated using three irrefutable laws of motivation 
• See failures as opportunities for improvement 
• Form a lifelong habit of success

FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: Thomas Nelson
PAGES: 208 pages

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