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It is What you Make of it-Book Review

 It has been a while since I reviewed and promoted a book on my blog and social media platforms. I am very selective on what I recommend, making sure that the book resonates with something in my life. Just by reading the cover of the book, I knew this is something that will speak to me and to you. I think the majority of us have gone through significant life changes post-pandemic shut-downs. Whether it's a job loss, loss of a loved one, change in the family dynamic, change of priorities, as well as perspective- all of these life changes, can either knock us down or bring out the best in us. Whatever we are facing in life, we can choose to be a victim or a victor. We can choose to get stuck or move in ways we never imagine we can. 

 This book by Justine McRoberts is the first book I have read from his work. He had written other books as well and I can already tell you that this book, It Is What you Make of It: Creating Something Great from What You've Been Given will not be the last book that I will read from his work. Honestly, the cover art for the book got my attention as well, the color stands out and I was curious about the cactus inflatable. I was curious if there will be a connection between the cover art and the content of the book. Similar to food, they say we eat with our eyes first! Meaning, the food needs to look delicious, mouthwatering and appetizing before we even attempt to taste it. It is the same with books for me, the cover art also mattered to me.

   Have you ever used the sentence, "IT IS WHAT IT IS". I have so many times than I can count. I have used it when a hard situation arises. I have used it when  I didn't see a way out of a predicament. I have used it as an excuse. I have used it as a means of giving up and as a means of calming myself down in the midst of an unexpected scenario. Well, Justin McRoberts (the author) was honest and straightforward right off the bat with his dislike of using "It is what it is".  Reading through the first pages of the book, I did not get his dislike of using that saying, that everyone seems to use. However, as I finished the first chapter, I understood why we shouldn't use it in our lives. I have to say, remember my weird liking to connecting the covert art with the content of the book that I have mentioned above? Well, that was answered in the first chapter of the book. I will never forget the inflatable cactus just like how the author has never forgotten the role of the inflatable cactus in his life.

  Every chapter was drawn from his personal experiences along with other people's experiences that are either close to him or had any interaction with him. All of these people had played a significant role in his life, shaping his perspective and approach in life. Life has its way of throwing our plans out the window. As a great example, what did 2020 had taught us? 

Nothing is permanent.

People react to a change in ways that are detrimental to themselves and others.

People don't like change.

Fear crippled us.

When faced with a change influence by others, we don't handle it well.

We settled.

 The year 2020 also brought the good inside individuals. They saw the blessing with family time. How we underappreciated the beauty of nature and outdoor time. Gatherings and meaningful conversations with friends are no longer taken for granted. Hugs and we craved for them. It is NOT "it is what it is" because we all saw and appreciated the real heroes. 

 The book will pose you in a different mindset to not settle. To look beyond your current situation that you may perceive as the dead end. Is it the same as counting our blessings? Of course BUT there is so much more, the author encourages you to see, recognize, and use the gifts that God gave you. To make something great out of what is available to you...even what is right in of you.

Aside from the gifts and resources to succeed, God has given us people to nurture us. We just need to really open our eyes. The book is full of the author's real-life experience, discussing the mentors and people who had created a big impact in his life. It will make you wonder who God had put into your life to make you realize your potential. Speaking of gifts, the book also encourages you to show God's love through our actions and how we use our gifts. 

 I can for sure tell you that the book is full of relatable stories, emotions, antics, and yes, humor. Once I started reading it, I can not put the book down! Additionally, after each chapter, there are questions that you can answer and reflect on. They are thought-provoking yet helpful for you to uncover the areas of your life that just needed tweaking so you can see what you can make out of it.  From cover to cover, the book is full of honesty, straightforward facts, good wisdom, and encouragement. 

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I highly encourage you to grab a copy of this book. God made you for so much more! I believe that this book will transform your heart and mind.

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