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Clutter-Free Easter Basket Gifts

  For the past several weeks, we have been decluttering not only our clothes but our entire home. With the exception of our garage that will need a whole lot of energy and intentional decluttering, I think that we are learning a lot in this journey. I learned that I can function with a few pieces of clothing. And even if I have gotten rid of 50% of my clothing, I still wear the same pieces of clothing.  Back story first, I am a work-at-home mom with two school-age daughters. So, I can tell you that I do not need a whole lot of "work" clothes. I learned that our girls really do not care about how clothes they have! And sometimes, what I think would mean a lot to them (clothing or toy wise), doesn't actually mean anything to them. I was really surprised by how willing they are to narrow down their toys, shoes, and clothing. My husband Rob is an easy one, he can also function with a couple of jeans and a few shirts.

  We tackled this decluttering project on a weekend so everybody can be involved with the task. I was hesitant at first since I am not sure how our kids will react first. I think that it is important to explain why having too much stuff is not a way of life and how it can affect us both financially, mentally, and physically. If we are not careful, small purchases can add up to our expenses and add to the clutter. I do love the majority of the principles of the KonMari Method. We can not have things in our house that don't make us happy or as Marie Kondo would say..."spark joy".

  We have also decluttered our kitchen. We have a small kitchen with little countertops and very few cabinets. So having multi-purpose tools, gadgets, and small appliances will totally make sense. I think my next project will be replacing all of our plastic food containers with glass food containers. Now, with books! This is a hard one for me as I do love reading. Actually, we all love to read. But, we did it anyway. 

  There several ways to get rid of your stuff aside from donating it. if you have the time and patience (and space), you can sell it on eBay or Poshmark. Facebook Marketplace is also a good place to earn a little bit of moolah. You can also try apps such as Letgo or Mercari. I have also asked friends if they can use some of my girl's preloved clothing, toys, books. There are also Facebook groups (local groups) where you can post the items that you are willing to gift or give. As they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure.

 Since decluttering, I am very careful now of what I bring into our home. The other day, we were strolling around TJ Maxx looking for a magnetic strip for my knives, I did saw several things that I like but do we actually need it? NO. I asked myself, will I be getting rid of this item next month or in the near future? Long story short, I came out of the store without a purchased item(s). Easter is fast approaching and this is one of the holidays that if we are not careful, small stuff or items can slowly creep back into our home. My husband and I decided that we will be intentional with our girl's Easter baskets. 

  These lists below are CLUTTER-FREE gift ideas that you can get not only to your kids but to your friends and family as well. I guarantee you that they are fun and will definitely bring smiles and memories. You can not top good memories.  If you like this list, please share it with friends or family, share it on your social media or pin-it!



1.Fresh fruits


3.Chocolates (Easter theme chocolates)

4.A bag of coffee or a box of tea (for grown-ups)

5.Healthy bars (like Nature's Bakery)

6.Cookies (Easter theme or a pack of Complete Cookie)

7.Apple sauce pouches

8.String cheese and crackers

9.Small snack packages (like Smartfood, Gold Fish)


10.Children's Museum


12.Art or Science Museum

13.National Parks (America the Beautiful Pass)

14.State Parks (This is depending on your State, here is the California State park information: CA Annual Pass)

15.Channel subscriptions (a month or annual)

16.Carwash membership (a month or annual)

17.Audible membership


18.Babysitter (for couples)

19.Carwash gift card

20.Manicure or Pedicure Gift Certificate

21.Hair Salon gift card or certificate

22.Massage certificate

23.An oil change or car service gift card

24.A paid camping reservation

25.Gas card


26.Skillshare membership (40% annual fee with coupon code: aff40dtp - expires March 31, 2021)

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27.Creative Bug membership

28.Cooking class

29.Outschool class (mainly for kids)

30.Painting class

31.Music or Instrument Lessons


32.Movie theater tickets

33.Outdoor movie tickets

34.Date with Mom/Dad

35.Date Nights

36.Escape room 

37.Hot Air Balloon Ride

38.Tram Ride

39.Train Ride (Amtrak or visit SoCal Railway Museum in Perris, CA- get a museum and a train ride).

40.Theme Park tickets

41.Aquarium tickets

42.Arboretum tickets (like Los Angeles Arboretum)


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