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Coloring Bible Gift Set for Girls

  Who loves to doodle on their Bible? I sure do. When I doodle, draw, color, and paint through the pages of my Bible, I get into the zone of reflecting on the scriptures. It is an art and an expression of my current feelings but more importantly, it postures my heart and mind to receive His message. I am not an expert with art nor lettering but growing-up I have always enjoyed learning different styles of lettering and drawing. You do not have to be great at art or lettering to start expressing yourself or designing your Bible. I say, it is your Bible and you color or design it your way. Your Bible, your way.

You do not need any fancy tools. Basically, all you need is your Bible, colored pencils or crayons, paint (test on your pages first), and pencil. I love the NIV Beautiful Word Bible. But if you do not have a journaling or coloring bible for yourself, don't let that stop you. Start with what you have. The more you do it, the more that you get the hang of expressing art on your Bible.  Sometimes, when I color or doodle, I also use that time to memorize scriptures. I think that memory verse is so essential. I call it emergency help during spiritual and mental warfare. A verse will pop up in your head at the right when you need it.

Here's my old Bible that my husband gave to me a few years ago. It is compact and well-used. This bible had seen me cry, worship, and search for answers. Inside every page are underlined promises, encircled truths, drawings, answered prayers, and notes.

I love it when I see my girls highlight or make notes on their bible. I highly encourage and support it. Highlighting verses that stood out to them is one way to immerse yourself in the scriptures. Taking notes is also great. What do taking notes look like for them or us? It can be the who, what, and the where of the Bible along with application to one's life. It can be a supporting verse or verses. (the truths declared from the old testaments are still true in the New Testament-all connected). For some, it is what stood out to them or stating the promises of the verse that they just read.

If you have a birthday coming up or looking for Christmas Gifts for the special you girls in your lives, I highly recommend this NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls (GIFT SET). I just want to assure you that I will not recommend this Bible if it is not a good fit for growing young girls.

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   This NIV (New International Version) Beautiful Word Coloring Bible is a gift set with stickers and coloring pencils inside. It is very beautiful inside the pages my friends. See my Pinterest Story as I scroll through the pages. Every page will surely spark their inner creativity. You know what I'm most excited about? This Bible can also serve as a keepsake. Think about this Bible that they creatively colored and doodled and handing it to them on their wedding day. Imagine the grown-lady that they will become reading through this Bible and scrolling through the notes and doodles they made when they were young. Did I tell you I'm also all about special keepsakes?

Here's a quick look through inside the Bible:

Plenty of opportunities for young girls to express their art and skills. 

The NOTES section provides plenty of space for journaling and jotting down key verses, promises, and reminders! This is where they can jot down supporting or additional verses or keynotes.

There are additional (and bigger) pages with NOTES at the back of the Bible. More pages to doodle and write! Each page is thick and white so you don't have to worry about them accidentally ripping the pages while they express themselves. There are of course artwork supplies out there that are specifically designed for Bibles. But just like what I mentioned above, start with what you have. That is why I love this gift set as it contains its own set of coloring pencils and stickers to get them started.

  • The complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) 
  • Over 600 verses illustrated in ready-to-color line art 
  • Four colored pencils 
  • Six sheets of stickers designed for girls 
  • Thick white paper for writing and doodling 
  • Lined, wide margins for notes and reflections 
  • Satin ribbon marker Beautifully debossed and screen-printed cover Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface in a readable 8-point print size

A creative (and beautiful) way to express and grow their faith in Christ while harnessing their imagination and artistic skills.

What do you think? It is a perfect gift for young girls, right?

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