Visiting Medieval Times - A Bountiful Love

Visiting Medieval Times

A couple of years ago when my mom was visiting, we had the pleasure of taking her to Medieval Times in Buena Park, CA. You can read about our first-time experience, here. Needless to say, we all had a great time and going back there for a second time is a no brainer. It is fun family experience and the food is amazing (taste and portion).

The question I was get was, "Is it worth it coming back the second time around"?  The answer is a loud yes! If you wonder if there was a change from the last time we visited...there is actually one significant change! The King of the castle passed and the castle is now run by a Queen. However, this time around we came early and was able to see the Museum of Torture. I am just not sure if this was actually open two years ago!

As I have mentioned, we were ahead of our schedule and we were first in line. As soon as the door open, our girls were thrilled to see the Queen to greet us! It was so nice to see them up close.

We first headed to the Museum of Torture. I did ask first if it was kid-friendly, they said that it was. We got inside and I must say, it was okay for my 9-year-old but a bit too much for my 6-year-old. However, it is a good teaching moment about history. If you have a very graphic mind, this may not be for you. The museum displays different torture equipment and apparatuses during Medieval times.

There are guided note displays that explain how the equipment was used and who are they for.

Like what I said, this may not be suitable for some kids or even grown-ups. But with careful explanation, I think bigger kids will learn a lot from the exhibit.

This museum of torture though is nothing like the show!! The dinner and tournament show is fun and if you asked me, geared toward young audiences. After our visit to the exhibit, we still had the time to hang out by the lobby. There are a lot of photo opportunities there! (If you are wondering if it is Instagram worthy). They also serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The Queen and her Chancellor interact with the audience and what I love is that, if you are celebrating a special occasion and you have that package, you will be celebrated!

Aside from that, we enjoyed strolling in the back side of the lobby where you can see the horses that go in the tournament. Our girls love it and in awe of the beautiful horses. You can also buy souvenirs that are not too expensive. There are several restrooms too! It doesn't get too crazy crowded.

They will call you by the color you were provided when you enter the castle. The last time we were there, we were team yellow and red, this time we were team green! Luckily, our seats were much closer this time but don't worry about the seating arrangement and the arena was designed where everybody will have a good view.

As you can see, our girls are way too excited! They cheer on the green knight of course! What I also love is the whole atmosphere inside, it is exciting and the audience does cheer and participate.

Let's talk about food! It's a dinner tournament after all. 

We feasted on garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, herbed potatoes, sweet corn, dessert of Castle (it was lemon pound cake for us that night), coffee, and two rounds of the beverage of your choice. They do offer vegetarian meals! So mention that and they will accommodate your preference.

Our girls were lucky that both of them were given a flower by the green knight! When they see kids, they make sure they interact with the kids. The service is great as well. The waiters and waitress or servers as they might call are all friendly, respectful, and accommodating.

Is it worth coming back the second time? YES!! And we will certainly come back again for a 3rd and maybe a 4th time.

It was such an awesome family experience. I've seen a lot of couples and group of friends too!

If you are planning on visiting, sign-up on their mailing list as they send offers and discounted packages often. They also have military discounts.

To learn more about their show, VISIT HERE. They have several packages and options as well to fit your needs.


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