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Have Fun at Medieval Times

We recently celebrated my mom's extra special birthday. Why extra special? It's been years since I was able to celebrate her birthday WITH HER. She is visiting from Philippines . While we were blessed to be able to go home last 2014 and then again last year , we weren't given the opportunity to celebrate her special day. Now that she will be spending a few months with us,her birthday is on the top of our list. To make it fun and memorable . Our girls are beyond excited to celebrate their Grandma's birthday.

My husband and I kept the secret of where we are all going to celebrate. What we told them was we were going to a new place that we have not gone before. A new experience for all of us! Rob and I are also thrilled. We have heard only good things about Medieval Times Dinner Tournament. Truth be told, I always wanted to visit and try ever since. Every time we are in Buena Park, we passed by Medieval Times , the eagerness to experience it builds up. So when I was given the chance to review and VISIT Medieval Times...I certainly did a happy dance.

I tweeted my excitement before our visit and Medieval Times people..do respond. They do make you feel that your visit is anticipated, just right there you know that the customer service will be great.  When we arrived, expect a line however, the lines moves pretty quickly. You will greeted with smiling and friendly staff wearing Medieval times costumes ( and  expect the cute accent) and be taken back to the Medieval period.

We wore paper King Hats to indicate color or "teams". You will also have a choice to have some photo opp with a Medieval period princess! My girls are excited to wear the crowns too.

Me and the Mr. How do you like our crowns?

Expect a crowd when you get inside. There is a large waiting/hanging out area and a bar area. There are plenty of tables and chairs. My mom uses a cane so having a whole lot of chairs and table is a plus. We were also approached by a guy who works there ( my bad, I forgot his name) he offered to take my mom in first when the doors open because of her cane. That folks is just awesome!!

While we were waiting for the show and dinner , we took a look around and got excited to show the horses to our kids. They are beautiful and I think that is cool because we were able to use it as a point of discussion and learning for our girls. All kids love animals! My husband bought flags too, totally optional. It will be a souvenir too.

Even if there is a waiting time , time quickly went by. We were there an hour before the dinner and tournament , the entertainment does not just start when the gates open.  There will be some announcements, reminders and laughs.

 As soon as the gates open, we were all impressed by how big the place is!  Inside those walls, you will travel back into Medieval Spain. We were seated according to color. I will not give you all the details just because it is a MUST VISIT place. I can assure you though that the 4 coarse meal is so good! A lot of food if you ask me BUT they do give out to go boxes.

My family totally enjoyed the show too!! You will cheer and will be impressed with the two hours of jousting-packed action as you watch the  resident knights fight for the honorable title of the King’s Champion.  Be prepared to get messy! You will eat with your hands from the delicious meal.

Here's a few pictures from our fun visit :

All of us with a happy belly. 

Right after the show, we picked up a souvenir for our fun experience. Our girls asked when can we go back again. Thankfully, Medieval Times offers discounts and promotions.

Here's a special offer for my readers, grab it now!


  1. I went here a long time ago and it was so fun! The best dinner and a show. It looks like your family had a great time! What a nice treat for your mom and her birthday!

  2. We have been to Medieval Times on each of our Florida trips; my boys LOVE it!! It's so much fun and the food is delicious!


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