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Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom That Are Anything But Boring

Every year, your mom’s birthday rolls around. Time does pass by quickly.

Well this year, you are going to be more than ready with a fantastic birthday gift that you picked just for her. When it comes to birthdays, moms don’t always get a lot of fuss made over them, because well, mom’s do all the fussing over everyone else. So this year, help her feel special with a gift that is anything but boring!

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Kristen Heller: Kristen is a passionate writer, teacher, and mother to a wonderful son. When free time presents itself you can find her tackling her lifelong goal of learning the piano!

A Statement Piece

Whether you decide to get a new goes-with-anything coat or you buy her a new handbag, make sure it’s something that will stand the test of time. Be intentional about choosing a statement piece and consider what items your mom already has in her wardrobe. Rather than give her something that would make her stand out and feel uncomfortable, try a classic peacoat, black heels, or gold-chain leather purse - all of which would go with everything from a pair of jeans to her sexiest black dress.

A New Perfume

While perfume might seem a bit personal, you can easily give a gift of perfume with your mom in mind. Choose a fragrance that reminds you of her and is sure to tell her that. Write her a little note or send her a birthday card if she’s in another area and let her know you are thinking of her. The right perfume can make any women feel like a million bucks, so take your time thinking about the one that is right for her. Get help from your neighborhood cosmetics counter if you are struggling with this one - they’d love to help you choose something for your mom that is just right!

Gold Anything

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, gold is a close runner-up. Gold watch, bracelet, or necklace shows your mom you think of her and that she has good taste. Choose a piece that speaks to her personality. If she’s more reserved, consider a small bracelet, but if she’s a go-big-or-go-home kind of mom, find a necklace that she can wear every day to draw attention to her beautiful face!

A Getaway Weekend

Moms, at any age, need time for themselves. It’s the hardest job in the world, after all. Give your mom a much-needed break and book a getaway for the two of you. You don’t have to go far, but you should go. Consider a mountain getaway, road trip down the coast, or a weekend in Las Vegas. She’ll never forget it. Eat some good food, have some laughs, and make some memories together! Of course, next year it might be hard to beat it, but at least you’ll have blown her away with a gift that is anything but boring this year!

A Spa Day

If mom could use some rest and relaxation, send her to a local spa and spare no expense. Call ahead of time and talk to the coordinators about the best packages available and ask about extras like champagne, chocolates, gift baskets, and more. You might even arrange a limousine to pick her up and take her to the spa if you can’t be there to enjoy that quiet time with her. And also if you are, who said you had to drive to the spa?

A Shopping Spree

Take mom on a whirlwind shopping spree - this is a great last-minute idea, especially if you forgot it was her birthday! This also works if you are not close to each other, but you want her to go out and have a great time. Arrange for transportation, send her to a place that will help her choose clothes that are right for her and voila! The perfect birthday present. Call the store ahead of time and let them know what you are doing so there’s no confusion about payment. The store can take your card over the phone, or you can do it all online ahead of time. A little planning and you’ll be on your way to the kid of the year!

Whether your mom lives next door or 4000 miles away across the country, it’s never too early to start planning the perfect birthday surprise. Consider what she needs and what she’d never buy for herself, add in some bling and a little getaway, a lovely card, or some sentiments and you’ll be on your way to being the best kid on earth!

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