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The 10 Most Effective Ways to Save Money

As a stay at home mom, I know how hard it can be financially. We skimp on things. We plan carefully. We make things homemade. We use coupons. We have a budget and we try to stick to it. We appreciate the overtime work that comes our way. The truth is, I don't think only SAHM are the only ones who think about living frugally and saving money.

Saving money is hard when you do not know how to find ways to save. Saving money can be challenging if you do not set your heart and mind to it. We all know that little amounts here and there easily adds up. Different families have tricks and tips. What worked for them, may not necessarily work for you. The good news is that there are tons of ways, effective ways to save money. From food to clothing to prescriptions

1. Cut your grocery bills in half. While this may be hard at first, menu planning will definitely help. If you have time to do so, you can clip coupons or download money-saving rebate apps. Most stores nowadays have their own app and bar code. Some apps, you can accumulate points for rewards. Shop in bulk if it makes sense.

2. Lower your electric or gas bill. We live in Southern California. Inland Empire to be exact and summer season is really a summer season. When it's hot, it gets really hot. I signed up for a summer program from SoCal Edison. What it is was, you adjust the thermostat when they notify you of power saving days. You either adjust it to a comfortable setting ( 78 or 80 degrees) or avoid using major appliances at certain hours. I must say that I was pretty happy that we did that. Why? Because of all the credits that we accumulated for the fall season. Those credits reflected on our electric bill. How about a $20 electric bill? Can't complain. ( free) can help you also to lower your electric bills. Or you can personally call your electric /utility company. They might have some programs that you are not aware of.

3. Review and revisit your car insurance again. It will not hurt if you make some phone calls. Ask for discounts, esp if you have a great driving record. They might even have bundling discounts, where you can bundle your home and car insurance. After more than ten years, we finally took some bold steps and made a phone call to inquire about other insurance company. We are glad we did. We switched and saved about $100 per month (same coverage).

4. Cut the cable. You can sign up for Amazon prime (not just the perks of free shipping but videos/shows too), Hulu or Netflix. We ditched our cable and kept our wifi internet of course. We now use Sling and it saved us about $80 per month.

5. Learn a skill/ Baking perhaps, who knows maybe you can turn that hobby into a home base business. Sewing classes, you just don't know how creative you can be and it can lead to sewing your own clothes, kid's clothes, curtains and more.

6. Have fun with little to no money. Check out one of my popular post: 50 Things To Do with Your Kids Before They Grow Up.

7. Think homemade. Make your own coffee. Pack your own lunch. Try homemade cleaning products.

8. Love to read? Shop second-hand books. Shop book sales at your local library.

9. Pack snacks when your out and about. Trips to fast food even though it is a value meal, easily adds up. Besides your body will thank you.

10. Build your savings fund or emergency fund. There are several ways to do this! Read the post: 6 Superb Ways to Build Your Savings Account. 

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  1. What a great post! So far I've done a few of these. I would probably add saving change and crushing cans.

  2. You have some very good tips here. The car insurance is something that I don't think people think about checking out for better rates. Your idea saving electricity sounds like well worth it. We don't have a plan like that but we can pick our electric provider and we have saved a lot of money by changing our provider. Thanks for sharing your tips. Tweeted and pinned!


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