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Kabocha Squash with Yam Leaves

What exactly is a Kabocha? Kabocha is a winter squash,it has a sweet flavor to it and is astonishingly healthy. Kabocha is rich in beat carotene, iron, vitamin c and potassium. It is also very economical. It is sweet and taste like a sweet potato and pumpkin in one. It is a staple in Asia actually. In Philippines, we call it Kalabasa. From it's flower to its meat and seeds..it will you give a run for your money,nutrition wise.

Yam leaves are also exceptionally healthy. Yam leaves are heart like in shape with a pointed tip and they have a vibrant green color. Less bitter than most greens, mild in flavor  and it is very similar to spinach , taste wise that is. Yam leaves are very rich in vitamins A , C , riboflavin, fiber and iron.

Kabocha is great in soups , stews and deserts...yes deserts! Use it in your all time pumpkin recipe. You can mix it with your favorite meatball recipe for your kids who turn their noses at veggies.  Note that, the yam leaves can be hard to find. I found these leaves in an Asian store, but you can replace it with spinach. Here's a very easy and frugal recipe. My mom's favorite no meat recipe.

I am over at My Joy Filled Life , sharing this simple , healthy and  delicious recipe.

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  1. This looks so bright and healthful. And flavorful too. Thanks for sharing with us on #TastyTuesdays


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