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Alphabet and Numbers Play Dough Mats - Free Printable

Our girls love play-doh. They play pretend kitchen with it, and sometimes we make cute little figures with it. Our youngest daughter Lily, we mold little babies, and we make blankets for the baby. She enjoys molding and putting details on the baby. The baby's eyes, button nose, and a smile!

Kneading and molding play dough is an excellent fine motor activity. If you have a preschooler who is just starting to learn Alphabets or who needs reinforcement on his/'her prewriting skills, These Play Dough Mats are a fun way to teach or reinforce an ability.

A letter tracing is also provided at the bottom so your kiddos can practice their letter formation more.

Here's a sample of the number mat. You can print the mats on card stock paper and laminate so you can use it over and over again!

You can also make the dough at home, it is very easy and frugal. 


 Free download here:

Free Numbers Play Dough Mat printable

Free alphabet play dough mats printable

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