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Where to Find Cheap and Free Books

We are that family who loves to read books. It can be an inexpensive hobby if you know where to find free and cheap books.  Here's a shortlist of where you can find cheap and free books.

1. Book Sale at your local library

If you are not familiar with your local library, I think you should give them a visit. Usually once a month they host a fill a bag book sale. A library here in Redlands, CA hosts a bag sale of books for $4 (members) and $5 (for nonmembers). What's great about it? You can fill a bag with as many books, reading materials ( such as magazines and booklets) as you want.

2. Privately owned book store

Down here by Yucaipa , there is a book store that has a cart of books-- outside of their store. FOR FREE.

3. Yard Sales

Yard sales are not just awesome for finding furniture for your DIY projects , it is also a way to find books for a very very low price. I found a whole lot of children's books at yard sales. You'll be surprised how great they are.

4. Consignment Stores

They just don't sell used baby or kid's clothing, or gear..they have a good and wide selection of books too. Ranging from pregnancy, parenting, educational workbooks to children's books.

5. Goodwill Bookstore and GoodwillBooks.com

There is a Goodwill Branch in Yucaipa that sells only books. They do have a website where you can find used, cheap, collectible and rare collections of books. They have Bibles, Cookbooks, children's books and a whole lot more. Aside from getting it cheap, when you purchase online..they usually offer an online promo code. Check the website here (non-affiliate link): GoodwillBooks.com

6. Amazon

Kindle Unlimited  , Subscription is FREE for 30 days, after that it's $9.99 a month. I have this subscription and I am still on the free subscription. I've downloaded 10 e-books so far. I have read 2 already and I am so happy with it.

You do not have to own a kindle, I used my nook tablet and just downloaded the FREE KINDLE APP.
Get the reading app here :

7. Red Shelf

With RedShelf , you buy or rent e text books , digital books for 60% off.

8. Do a book swap with friends.

How about hosting a book swap with your friends? That's an excellent way to connect and mingle with friends and at the same time get new selections of books.

9. Flea markets

Some decent flea markets sell used books for dirt cheap. How about a .25 cent paperback?

10. REALLY FREE E books.

Though there are a lot of sites that offer free e books. These two are pretty popular Project Guttenberg
and  FreeEbooks.net

11.  Netflix for Books

BooksFree.com is an online rental service for paperbacks and audiobooks. They offer unlimited rentals of Paperback, CD and MP3-CD audio books, ala-carte rentals of books, CD and MP3-CD audio books, gift memberships, and a full retail section. Their lowest plan starts at $4.49 the first month. and then $8.99 after.
See here for more info or to sign up --> 60% Off First Month at Booksfree.com - Code: SAS

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  1. I love when our local library has book sales. They are usually less than 50 cents a book, too! I forget to check out our consignment stores for books, though. Thanks for the reminder! :)

    PS. Do you follow Modern Mrs. Darcy? Each day she posts Kindle Deals on her website daily. Here's the link: http://modernmrsdarcy.com/great-kindle-deals/ (It's the same URL each day!)

    1. Hi Kelsey, no I have not heard of Modern Mrs. Darcy. Thank you..I will definitely visit her site. Hope you are having a great week!

  2. I used to go to a coffee shop that had a book swap shelf. You brought an old book you have read and picked out a new book for free. Be sure to check out my blog hop: Literacy Musing Mondays. Link up any literacy posts weekly. This would be a great one! You have other great posts too that will be a great match. :

    1. Wow, I wish our local coffee shop does that! Thank you for the invite and for stopping by. I will be linking up for sure!


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