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Teaching Patterns

Is it important to teach patterns? Just like what Milli of Team Umizoomi would always say..Patterns are everywhere! Pattern is a part of basic Math. Teaching preschoolers /kindergartens patterns lets them learn and recognize relationship between different things , shapes , objects..and how they work together.

 I had gathered a few ways on how to teach patterns. Make it fun!

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This particular free printable is awesome you just don't get the patterns but a whole Preschool Workbook Assessment such as :

  1. Cover Page
  2. All About Me
  3. Uppercase Letters & Shapes
  4. Lowercase Letters
  5. Number recognition 1-20
  6. Colors
  7. Patterns
  8. Tracing
  9. Matching
  10. Counting 1-10 (3 pages total)
  11. Color-Trace-Connect
  12. Same / Different
  13. Directional
  14. Goals (2 Pages)

** the foam shape counters are from target , we bought this from their dollar , or the SPOT area.

Get the pattern strip here : Pre-K Pages ( this website has tons of ideas and themes on teaching patterns)


Such a cute and fun way to teach color patterns! Does your child loves ice cream? Our girls loves that treat.
To make this, get the pattern here  : Magnet Pages - Ice Cream Felt Board Pattern

 ( Click on the link for more product info)
** link above is an amazon affiliate link 

This is a fun way to teach shape patterns. Kids can construct animals , faces and more! Lucy's  face is just adorable right after she replicates a card.  She beams with pride 

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  1. I love these patterning activities. Lots of neat ideas. I've been meaning to get a set of the MindWare Imaginets - they are so awesome.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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