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Letter of the week Aa

 Time goes by so fast. Big sister will be going to school really soon. As any parent would be, I am excited , anxious and happy for her. She is such as social butterfly and a very eager learner. It will be bittersweet for me , it is a good reminder that kids grows up so fast . I will miss this sweet and kind hearted girl of ours ..and yes even if it is just a few hours only. 

I had been doing lessons with her and little jumping bean for a while now. Though she already knows her alphabets , numbers , shapes and colors , we started the letter of the week as a "recap" as well. Besides, we don't want to send our girl in the formal school setting without being armed with knowledge.

When teaching our little ones at home ( toddler-preschool age) it is important to be very patient. I must admit that it can get very challenging because they do tend to have a short attention span. It is important for any activity or lesson to be play base and no pressure on you and with them.  Consider it as a bonding time with your kids. 

Make time. After all, our kids are worth it.

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Letter Aa

Books to Read 

Here are some books that you can read to them :  

 AA (Alphabet) by Kelly Doudna
First Animals by Vision St Publishing ( dollar store only)
Alphabatics by Susy MacDonald

To save money , local library is a good option. You can also use whatever books you may have in your home library to supplement with the lesson.

We start out by saying the letter out loud. Teaching her  the phonetic sound of the letter. Secondly , we do the tracing of both  upper case and lower case letter A. Practicing their fine motor skills is essential for learning how to write.

 Please know that every child develops and learns differently. Big sister doesn't always hold the pencil or marker correctly. . and that is why we help her..practice on a regular basis will make it perfect.

Tip : Printing can be costly as well, to save money ..we use  sheet protectors , dry erase markers , dry erase erasers. That way we can re use it over and over again. You can also laminate the printables. If you don't own one , Some office supply stores like office depot does laminating service.

 If your preschooler is a newbie on this, I suggest that you practice their line tracing first to get them familiarize with the concept.

Here is a free line tracing printable by:
Kid Learning Station

 See ? I am not too strict on the proper way of holding her marker. Why ? because..my approach is to let her learn  at her own pace. As long as she gets the concept of tracing. Will get there though.. but for now..I will let her learn and develop on her own way.

I printed this simple sight words for her to read.  Since our letter of the week is Aa, its just right  for an Apple theme.

I found this simple sight word story at : Edlah Preschool Resources

We also have a DO A DOT ACTIVITY.

We purchased bingo markers at the dollar store.

You can also use this Do A Dot Art Marker 

Do A Dot Art Marker Rainbow 6-pack

You can download the apple do a dot pages here (free) :  Making Learning fun

A coloring activity where she needs to color the upper case A with red , and lower case a with green.

This upper case and lower case do a dot page can be found here for free :
Confessions of a Homeschooler ( please read her terms with printing her free printables , it is for personal use only and it can not be use for monetary purposes)

Cut and paste activity.

She gets a sticker for a job well done.

We read the books.

and I make sure  that , I or she points out to the words , while her momma reads to her.

Here's our lil jumping bean, doing her share of her "lessons"

Since we do a letter of the week theme, I do follow a guide lesson plan.  I call it guide because I'd like to be flexible when the situation calls for it. Like what I have mentioned , I try not to be strict.  Preschoolers and toddlers learn through play. While its true that it is better to enforce a school environment , however they will have plenty of time for a formal school.  I choose a quality and fun experience with our little ones. 

It can be frustrating at times too. I hear you, been there..done that.  Remember , practice and patience..makes it perfect,

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 It is important too that they get some socializing and an outdoor trip. We call it a nature trip. Kids loves the outdoors, they learn too on their surroundings.

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