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Manners we Need to Teach Kids

This list of manners that we need to teach our kids is NOT a comprehensive list. There are far more manners that we can discuss and teach them in our daily lives. The most important thing is to practice it, we can teach them more if we practice good manners right in front of them They learn better through our actions, our words, as well as our behaviors than just by telling them what to do. Furthermore, remember those manners can go hand in hand with teaching ethics and conducts. We are not going to expect our kids to be mistakes-free. After all, learning happens best when they make a mistake and corrected it in a loving way. 

  Teaching manners doesn't have to be at a set age. You can teach good manners and etiquette early. As an example, you can teach a toddler about sharing (case to case basis, sharing food might be an issue) and saying please and thank you. For younger kids, I find that dealing with a behavior right when it happens or right on the spot is a good practice. Role-playing can also be helpful.  Books can also be a great tool. Even as a preteen, I find books to be super helpful when it comes to certain situations. Currently, my preteen enjoyed reading these books: The Care and Keeping of You, The Feelings Book, and A Smart Girl's Guide: Knowing What to Say. All three are from American Girl.  Be encouraged by the amazing task we are given to shape our children. We have this immense yet important role that we have in their lives. We can equip them early. 

1. Say please and thank you.  Say thank you or send thank you cards for any gifts that you get. It can be big and small..expensive or not.  People took their time out of their busy lives to think of you and that is special. Say please to any kind of favors or help you will need and do not forget to say thank you afterward. Sometimes, help is given even if you didn't ask for it.  Express gratitude anyway.

2. Be kind to everybody. Everything can be discussed fairly.

3. Be respectful.  Treat family, friends, people in authority, strangers, pets, and properties with respect.  

4. Say excuse me when you need another person's attention most especially when they are busy. When we need to pass in front of another person in any place. Do not push nor run against people.

5. Help your parents as much as you can. Always have a serving heart at church, school, or in your community. It can be as simple as helping your mom with carrying her groceries.

6. Sharing is caring. Practice taking turns.
7. Listen to understand and not merely to respond. Make eye contact with the person you are talking to. Don't interrupt, let the other person finish her turn.  Don't let an electronic device keep your attention from a fun conversation or even a story! I do not remember where I read this quote, but it holds so much truth: The most loving, meaningful, and important connection you'll have is with the people right in of you.

 8. Be tactful, If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. You can be funny and make other people laugh without offending or hurting their feelings.

9. Take good care of your environment. Throw trash where it should be thrown. 
10. Don't gossip and do not assume. If a gossip finds you, make it stop with you.
11.  Don't talk when your mouth is full. Chew quietly and close your mouth. No one really wants to see the food inside your mouth.

12. Clean up after you eat, your dishes, and your table when you're at home and more so when you are at other people's homes. Always say a prayer of thanks before your meal.

13. When you're filling up your plate, only serve yourself food that you can finish. Always think about the next person after you.

14. Do not be loud. There is nothing attractive with talking loud not unless the situation calls for it.  Talk quietly inside libraries, churches, and any place that needs silence.

15 . Hold the door for somebody.

16. Be friendly (with boundaries),  say hi or how are you today? You'll never know how you can light up someone's day. 

17. Don't Stare and always be polite. 
18. There are some things that you need to do in private that other people should not see like picking your nose.

19. Do not check or go through other people's belongings.

20. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. Sanitize when you can.  When somebody sneezes, say "God bless you".


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