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A Bountiful Love is accepting guest post on homemaking, recipes, healthy living lifestyle, educational, parenting encouraging and faith filled post. As of now, A Bountiful Love does not offer monetary compensation for guest posting. If you are interested in guest posting , feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Few guidelines:

1. Email your post in HTML or text format. You can attach necessary graphics or photos. You can use your own graphic (as along as it is yours or legal to uses). Please make sure that the images or photos are pinnable. Advisable: Vertical image for pinterest and square images 600x600 for a feature image.
Include A Bountiful Love's URL or Blog name on the graphics and you can also include your blog name on the graphics .
2.You can write a teaser blog post , the same day or within 4-5 day it goes live here on A Bountiful Love or within 7 days. I also ask that you promote it with me. I can assure you that I will tirelessly promote your blog post.
3. You can use affiliate links, links to your site or other related post to your site. 
4. Please submit your name, blog name and bio and all of your links ( blog and social media) with your post.
5. I also ask that you submit original content. Meaning, you have not publish the content in your site or any other site yet. You can always insert links to your old post to get more traffic.
6. I reserve the right to edit each post if necessary. It is at my discretion to publish or not publish your post if it doesn't adhere to certain guidelines.

Thank you very much  for your interest in guest posting and I look forward in connecting with you.

Guest post submissions to : robandkhit (at)gmail (dot)com.

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