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Journal Review: You are Loved

 Mother's Day is just right around the corner and if you are looking for a perfect gift, this scripture writing journal, You are Loved is the perfect gift for the special moms in your lives. This is not the first time I was given the privilege to review a journal. However, I don't think I will ever get tired of reviewing journals. There is something with writing and being creative in your journal that keeps you grounded in faith. There are journals that have prompts or color pages in them and there are journals that allow you to have more writing space. 

You are Loved is a scripture writing journal that allows you to have more writing spaces and also prompts you to reflect on God's word. I love the color and the modern flower design. My journal came with scripture cards which are perfect for our busy lives. I must admit that sometimes I do not get to open my Bible but my scripture cards allow me to have Bible verses at my disposal whenever I need it. It is compact enough to keep inside my purse or just leave the cards in my car...perfect for the school pick-up lane when I needed God's promises.

If you are new to journal writing, you will find it awkward to write what is in your heart and mind. I can guarantee you that it is perfectly normal to feel that way. However, journal writing is so healthy for our mental health.  There is just always something to be busy with, there are a lot of things that can occupy our minds. Keeping a journal will not only serve as a reminder for a particular day but it a "place" where you can pour out yourself and your mind.

I love that this journal, You Are Loved is tied to my faith. While it doesn't have all the prompts that you expect from a journal, it does not  Bible verses that will guide you to reflect on God's word.

Look at that big space for writing your own prayers! I love this section because we can truly pray using our own words. The left side contains affirmations or you can call it God's perception of you. The scripture reference is your reading prompt for the day. I will use this section for writing the whole bible verse that was given or maybe even use the space for summarizing the verses. Writing the scriptures allows us to remember them just like how we would write our to-do list. it is more likely for us to remember our list if we actually write it down.

There are several ideas for you to do on the right side of the journal! You can write your personal prayers, and prayer requests for other people in your lives, you can doodle or draw, or you can just use that portion to write what is in your heart. The 52 scripture cards are so beautiful too! You can put it on your desk or inside your purse! I love giving scripture cards to friends as it not only lifts them to God but I also believe that they can use the scripture when they really need it. You will never know how the Holy Spirit can guide them or speak to them through the cards. I often ran across bible verses that is just exactly what I needed to hear for that day.

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