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NIrV Illustrated Bible for Kids Review

 When my kids were little, I am always on the hunt for a Bible that will spark their love for knowing and loving the word of God. From they were toddlers to when they started reading all the way to the pre-teen stage, we constantly change their Bible according to their age level or level of understanding. There is one thing in common when I start to research a Bible that I will fit my girl's stage, it needs to be engaging.  The toddler stage may require full-color graphics and short Bible stories. I also love Kid's bible which has special features in it. It can be a short devotional or a life application section,

While my kids are not early readers anymore, I still get excited about reviewing new young children's Bible. I love seeing all the new features that it can offer and enjoying the creativity of artists. After all, regardless of the version, God and His word remain the same and endure forever (Isaiah 40:8).  Speaking of new Bibles for children, Zondervan sent me a copy of The Illustrated Holy Bible (NIrV)


Age recommendation:4- 8 years old

Publisher: Zondervan 

  •  The NIrV is based on the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV), today’s world’s most widely read Bible translation. Whenever possible the NIrV uses the text of the NIV but where necessary use shorter sentences and words easier to understand. Throughout the translation, each verse has been meticulously evaluated in light of the meaning of the original languages in which the Bible was written.
  • Over 750 full-color illustrations and kid-friendly maps illuminate the Bible story. 

  • The exclusive Zondervan NIrV Comfort Print® typeface makes it easy for children to follow each line.

  • Single-column text of the New International Reader's Version (NIrV) created at a third-grade reading level.

I love the beautiful and sturdy hardcover as well. 

It also came with a bonus double-sided, full-color 3'x2' poster. Bible 

Times map on one side and a Bible Family Tree on the otherFull-color 3'x2' poster with a Bible Times map on one side and a Bible Family Tree on the other.

Ready to purchase or do you need more information? Visit their website: Zondervan If you are an Amazon shopper, you can also purchase it there!

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