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Pureflix: Nothing is Impossible

 In the midst of a trial, it is very easy to forget that God is still in control. Especially when people are involved and we literally can't control how they handle things or control the outcome. Sometimes our past seems to have its way of holding us back as if it does have a stronghold on us. The movie, Nothing is Impossible (exclusively on Pureflix) is a great reminder of God's faithfulness. Regardless of your past, or what other people may think of you...No one or nothing is too far gone with God. Nothing is Impossible reminded me of a sermon a few years back about nothing being easy when it comes to following and trusting God. It will not be a walk in the park. God didn't promise us a life free of trouble. But if we lean on Him and stay rooted in His word, we will be like the trees by the river bank bearing fruits, and we will not wither.

  Scott Beck, played by David A.R White was a promising basketball star dreaming of becoming an NBA player but ended up being a janitor. A janitor at the same school where his dreams started and where he showcased his talent. In the movie, Scott Beck rekindled a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Ryan  Aikens (played by Nadia Bjorlin) who is now in charge of her father’s professional basketball team, The Silver Knights. The team has financial woes leaving her no option but to host open tryouts to attract media attention and bring new (and cheap) talent to the team. Scott is still stuck with his past failures joined the tryouts. Along the way, valuable lessons are learned. It is very encouraging to watch a movie that reminds us to not let our failures stop us from our calling. God may not answer our prayers the way and the manner we want them to be. However, God's timing is always perfect.

 Nothing is Impossible teaches us that failures don't have to have a foothold on us because it is through those times that we grow and we must stay faithful. I also love that in the movie, Scott has Godly friends that gave him counsel. Oh, how important it is to surround ourselves with friends or mentors that will guide us using the word of God.


David A.R. White as Scott Beck (“Love on the Rock,” “God’s Not Dead,” “Revelation Road”) 
Nadia Bjorlin as Ryan Aikens (“Days of Our Lives”) 
Harry Lennix as Coach Russell Banks (“The Blacklist,” “Justice League,” “Transformers,” “Batman v. Superman”) 
Steven Bauer as Archie Touraine (“Love on the Rock,” “Better Call Saul”) 
Robert Amaya as Nick Carter (“An Unlikely Angel,” “The Farmer and the Belle,” “God’s Compass,” “War Room,” “Mom’s Night Out”) 
Mark Christopher Lawrence as Pastor Lawrence (“Family Camp”) 
Stella Parton as Ruby (singer and songwriter, younger sister of Dolly Parton) 
Leanne Crawford 
Ethan White (“Me Again”) 
Marcus Haislip (former NBA player)
 Vincent De Paul as Coach Hamilton ("TESLA," "Gods Not Dead: We the People," "Love on the Rock,” “Madam Secretary") 


 Take a center-court seat to a journey of transformation as Scott Beck gets a second chance at life and love. Can he let go of past pains and open himself to God’s purpose? Or will new challenges keep him from the future he always hoped for?


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