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Great Ways to Use Whey

What exactly is whey? Whey is the light yellowish liquid separating from the yogurt and kefir.  If you want detailed information regarding whey, read this post: How to Make Kefir Whey.

Basically, there are two types of whey: Acid and Sweet whey.

Acid whey is from yogurt, sour cream, and ricotta-like cheeses. 

Sweet whey is from hard cheeses like cheddar and Swiss. This is the stuff that they use for whey protein powders.

If you have jars full of whey do not throw them away. There are lots of ways to use whey. It is full of vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and minerals!

1. Use whey for Lacto-Fermentation- use raw whey to lacto-ferment your vegetables. The book (cookbook) Nourishing Traditions has great step-by-step instructions on how to use your raw whey to ferment vegetables. If you do not have Nourishing Traditions, I highly recommend that you get this cookbook especially if you want to make serious healthy changes in your life.

2. Add whey to your smoothies or oatmeal- Since whey has lots of benefits, why not add it to your morning smoothies or oatmeal? Use sweet whey instead of acid whey for better taste.

3. Add whey to your soups.- Add whey to your soups or stews!

4. Soak dry beans in whey or add whey to your water when soaking beans.- The Gut and Physiology book by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, commonly known as the GAPS diet recommends fermenting beans before cooking and consuming them because of their phytic acid. Phytic acid is basically an anti-nutrient. Your gut can not process this and does harm your gut-flora. Soak your beans in whey overnight or add a few tablespoons of whey to your water when soaking beans. 

5. Use for soaking nuts - Similarly to beans, nuts also contain phytic acid that can be harmful to your body. Soaking then in whey breaks down phytic acid and aids in better digestion. To do this, soak nuts overnight in whey, drain and rinse. To dry the nuts, you can use a dehydrator or use your oven at its lowest temperature. Depending on your oven, I typically dry the beans around 4-5 hrs (lowest temperature). I also love adding a bit of sea salt to the nuts. I use Celtic salt or Himalayan pink salt.

6. Pizza dough. -Add whey to your dough. Basically, any baking recipe that may need water, milk, or buttermilk. Preferably, use the whey from yogurt so it is a little sweeter.

7. Add whey from your cheesemaking to savory or casserole dishes. - In my personal opinion, adding whey adds depth to your casserole dishes, and added nutrients to boot.

8. Storing your homemade cheese. - Use whey brine to store your homemade mozzarella or feta cheese. I have not tried making my own cheese yet but this is on my must0learn list.

9. Water your plants and flowers.- Use your whey to water your plants and flower, just make sure that you dilute it with water.

10. Marinade and sauces- Why not add whey to your marinade and sauces. It will enhance the flavor for sure adding nutritional benefits to your meat!


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If you have other creative ways to use whey, let me know! I would love to try it too.

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