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Camping Items that are Prepping Items Too

We love to camp. Over time, we have accumulated camping gear that we love and find very useful. When we were newbies to camping, I enjoyed reading camping hacks, camping meals, and camping tips blog posts. I love joining camping groups, tent camping in particular. While all of the camping items can add up pretty quick if you are smart enough to know what you actually do while camping, is worth the money.

 I think some do not realize that there are a lot of camping items and gears that are actually prepping or prepper items too.  We learned camping by trial and error, and we still do! We have bought some things that we thought were very useful for camping and they turned out to be unnecessary. That being said, invest wisely. I have compiled 20 of the camping items/gears that I think are very useful as prepping items.

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You need to be able to have a backup method of cooking for when the power goes out or for when the gas utility is not available. There are a bunch of camp stoves in the market, depending on your family's needs you may want to consider not just the price but also the type of fuel/gas it uses, the size, and how many burners you will need. We currently have a couple of two-burner Coleman stove camps and a single-burner camp stove. When we camp, we always bring one of our two-burner and a single-burner. We use the single burner as a backup or for when we are making coffee. It is nice to have a third burner for when you are making breakfast, not necessary but nice.


You will also need to have backup propane or fuel so you can use your camp stove. The camp stove will not serve you any good without propane or fuel.


Do you remember when Texas was hit with a terrible, historic,  and unexpected freeze? Millions were left without power. I remember one of the videos I watched was about how a lot of people were unprepared especially with not having the power to heat their homes. While it may seem funny, a tent set up inside your bedroom or any room can add a layer of cold protection. Add the tent to your arsenal of blankets and cold-weather outerwear, it should help with the freeze. Tents always go on sale...I suggest that you keep an eye out, especially during off-season sales. Big 5 Sporting goods always have a rotating sale circular, just sign up to their email list.


When camping or hiking, water filtration like Life Straw or any water filtration straw is something that is important to have, You can always invest on a Berkey or just stock up on 1-gallon water. I feel that a gallon of water is more affordable than buying individual water bottles.


We have a couple of 5-gallon blue water jugs that we used for camping. When we are not camping, we still fill those jugs with filtered water and keep them in a cool area inside our home. Of course, you may want to use and rotate them every few months. It is also a cheaper way to store water for emergencies.


What is so special about a hatchet? It depends on what natural disaster you can think of. The worst-case scenario here is if you do not have power but have access to woods (if you don't have a chainsaw or no power or gas to use your chainsaw) and need a heat source. A hatchet can be useful. In camping, it is useful for cutting firewoods.


I think that everyone should have a multi-tool in their car or purse as it offers a variety of solutions to problems or situations. There are a whole lot of kinds of multi-tool online, and prices vary too depending on their usage. There is a multi-tool that has a firestarter, hammer, one-handed blade, and more! The Leatherman Signal Multi-tool carries 19 tools in one!


We always carry a first-aid kit when we camp. Some campsites do not have a convenience store nearby. It is always smart to have an extra first-aid kit or medications that you need as a prepping item. We also recently purchased a snake bite kit to add to our camping/prepping stuff.


Tarp is not only used underneath a tent, you can also use it as a cover for shade. I have read from a group that a tarp can also be used as a rain catcher. How smart is that? I also thought about using it as an extra layer of protection to cover windows or doors if you are trying to warm your house (wintertime)


I know my earth-loving peeps will not like this but on some of our camping trips, I have used disposable plates and utensils. Yes, it is a waste but sometimes you also need to prioritize sanity. Having disposable plates and utensils on hand saves water especially if you have no source of water or have no water connection. You need to be able to save as much water as you can and washing the dishes is just not the right move.


Who uses a compass and map? Luckily, it is still a thing in a world that is well-connected through phones and the internet. But think about a situation where Google maps are not working, no cellphone reception, or a dead battery. Having a compass and an actual map is very important. Do you have these inside your car too? If not, I think you should!


If you do a great deal of research, you will see that there are a lot of types depending on the specs you need. It can be pricey too! We purchased a portable power bank for our cellphones. We got the 36800mAh Waterproof Portable External Backup Battery Charger with a built-in dual QC 3.0 5V3.1A USB and a flashlight.  You can also look into a portable power station like this:

Portable  Charging Station for camping and emergency


Similar to number 12, a power source can be a portable charging station, a foldable solar panel battery charger like this 30W panel, or a generator. 



This is a no-brainer. All of your gears will be useless if you have nothing to eat. A prepper pantry and a working pantry that you access on a regular basis are essential to preparedness. If you are new to prepping, start with shelf-stable foods like canned goods, honey, sugar, salt, and rice. Don't forget water. You can also check this post, How to Frugally Prep so you can get started with shelf-stable food.


If you are a camper, you know you can never have too many camping lanterns. From battery-powered lanterns to flashlights, even oil lamps...these are all prepping items too! Walmart has some affordable light sources as well as Big 5 Sporting Goods. You can also find some great selections on Amazon.


Candles are also a great item to stock up on. I would just go to Dollar Tree and buy the glass jar candles. Sometimes, when I am at Walmart I would pick up a pack of tapered candles just to have or to add to my light source stocks. Amazon has emergency candles like the 9-hour candle or 115-hour burn-time candles. That being said it is also wise to keep some matches and lighters. These are very affordable, you can purchase them at Dollar Tree or Walmart. You can even buy a 3-pack of lighter at Sams's Club for around $7, they are good quality lighters.


If you have flashlights or lanterns, you will definitely need batteries. I find that buying batteries in bulk at Sam's Club is more affordable. You will also need backup batteries if you have small radios.


Castile soap is probably one of the smartest hygiene products that you can stock up on. It has many uses from hygiene to washing your clothes! I always bring a bottle of castile soap not only when we camp but on other travels too. It is space-saving and frugal of course!

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I have not met a camper who doesn't pack duct tape or a rope when they camp. A duct tape can be used to temporarily patch things and a rope, of course, can be used as a clothesline. I have actually seen a YouTube video of a family who uses rope not only to make a line for drying their clothes or towels but to hang camping activities in Ziploc bags. 


Just imagine that you can't use your toilet flush..what are you going to do. Campers and off-grid peeps know what to do. Sometimes when you disperse camp, a restroom is not available. You have to rely on good ole nature for that. Now, there are proper ways how to do that but to spare you the details, having a portable toilet as a backup is also a smart idea.

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