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Simple Breakfast Charcuterie

 I am sure some of you may have misspelled or mispronounced the word charcuterie. I have done that too many times. But just like anything, it took several tries and practice. I still prefer to call it a snack plate. These charcuterie boards or snack plates are my favorite thing to make on special occasions. Recently, I made a simple charcuterie plate while we were staying in a hotel which was so nice while we enjoy our room and it was really good! The hotel we got has a fridge and a microwave. I prefer booking a lodging place with a small kitchenette, a cabin where we can grill, and if this is not an option, a lodging where there is a microwave and a fridge. This way of choosing a place to stay for vacations had saved us lots of money. We can pack our coolers with snacks and meals to make. I can also prepare a make-ahead meal. 

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 A few months ago during the teacher appreciation week at my girl's school, each grade was in charge of breakfast meals for the teachers. Since I love the versatility and beauty of charcuterie boards and there was never an ounce of hesitancy in my being, I of course made a breakfast theme charcuterie board that went along with the breakfast bar. I have made a Halloween theme as well, it was so much fun putting it all together.  There are endless ideas when it comes to charcuterie boards. 


What's on my board?


ham and grape tomato skewers

wholewheat waffles

cream cheese 

black grapes

Other breakfast board ideas:

Small pancakes



a small bowl of jam or jellies (you can use a condiment bowl like THIS)

fruits: cuties or orange slices, strawberries, cantaloupe

dried fruits

hard-boiled eggs

English muffins




Different yogurts-plain or greek, any kind really! (use medium-size bowls)



dried fruits

honey and other syrups.


small pancakes and waffles (different types such as plain, wholewheat, chocolate, blueberry)

different syrups (honey, maple, fruit syrups)

whipped cream

toppings: coconut shreds, chocolate chips or cacao nibs, sprinkles, etc.

jams and jellies


fully cook chorizo

taco flavored meat (ground turkey or meat)

ground sausage

tortillas (flour or corn)

cheese (you can do 2-3 kinds of shredded cheese)

sour cream

spring onions and chopped tomato in small condiment bowls

salsa in small bowls

tater tot or fried chopped potatoes

Here are some pictures of the table. As you can see, the charcuterie board is not the only breakfast item. I served different types of granola/breakfast bars, individual servings of greek yogurts, fruits, cheese sticks, muffins, and pastries.


I also provided syrup, jelly, and butter left in their own container. The reason behind this is that I did not have a large enough charcuterie board, I did not want the syrup and other condiments to fill my wooden board.


If you notice, there are different types of breakfast bars. Choices are very important when it comes to a breakfast bar.


Dollar Tree is an excellent place to buy all of your breakfast bar serving plates. I have used the clear plastic partyware over and over again. You can just use a regular large wooden chopping board for your charcuterie board, you can DIY it, or purchase one from Amazon, just like this:

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