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Ice Cream Cake

 When Lily our youngest daughter turned 9 years old, she requested a buster bar ice cream cake. If you are not familiar with the buster bar, it can be purchase from Dairy Queen. Its major ingredients are vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, nuts, and caramel. If you need to see the rest of the ingredients, visit their website HERE. We love to try cold desserts during the hot summer days (and nights). You can see a variety of homemade recipes for the buster bar recipes on Pinterest. What I love about the recipes, in general, is that you can adjust the ingredients to your family's needs and liking especially if your family has some allergies. We definitely tweaked our recipe to what my family eats. For example, my kids do not like peanuts, so I omitted this part of the recipe. Sometimes it depends on what I have on hand. When I do not have a caramel topping, chocolate topping will do just fine. I have also made my buster bar with chocolate chips as toppings. 

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 I prefer to call this recipe an ice cream cake because you can make several variations. We also prefer to make it in a glass baking dish instead of individual stick servings. This ice cream cake recipe is not just for the summer months but for any occasion. All of the ingredients from this recipe are from Aldi. Shopping at Aldi makes this recipe frugal and easy to make. Some ice cream cake recipes that you will see online use only oreo cookies or graham crackers. We love using ice cream sandwiches with Oreos as our layers in this delicious cold dessert.


2 packs of ice cream sandwiches (12 on each box, you will have some extra ones).

1 bottle of chocolate syrup (you will not use the whole bottle). You can also use hot fudge topping. 

1 pack of Oreos

Light whipped topping by Fit N Active - Cool whip is also a good choice.

Optional toppings: peanuts, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, chocolate chips.

You will need:

Glass baking pan



Your first layer will be the ice cream sandwich. This is a great opportunity for little kids to help to peel the ice cream sandwich packaging. As you can see, I opted for a small glass baking pan. But you can definitely use a 9x13 baking dish. Follow the layer with the whipped topping. Spread evenly.

The next layer will be the chocolate cookies or Oreos. Remove the sandwich filling. 

You can put as many chocolate cookies as you like. You can tightly arrange it or just scatter the cookies on top of the whipped topping just like I did. Next, drizzle with chocolate syrup or chocolate fudge.

Repeat the process but instead of putting whole cookie pieces, sprinkle the cake with crushed cookies. You can then add your favorite toppings like chocolate chips or nuts. Loosely cover the ice cream cake and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

This recipe is really good, easy, and affordable to make. 

 Here she is, my happy camper with her requested slice of ice cream cake.

What's your favorite ice cream cake recipe? I would love to try it too!

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