Homework Diffuser Blend - A Bountiful Love

Homework Diffuser Blend

 Here's an easy way to help our children focus during homework or study time. This simple essential oil blend only needs 2 kinds of essential oils; Tangerine, and Fir Needle. Tangerine's citrusy smell does not only rejuvenate but it also clears the mind, helps queasiness, and supports our immune system. The fir needle on the other hand supports respiration, fights fatigue, and combat seasonal illness.

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Simply Earth essential oil suggests that children below 10 years will only need little exposure as they breathe more often than 10 years old and older. Younger kids can also be more sensitive to essential oils. Less is more with kids. Meaning with less exposure, more benefits.


1 drop Tangerine Essential Oil

1 drop Fir Needle Essential Oil

You will need:


5 ml blend bottle (if making a big batch or master blend)


1. Add essential oils to a diffuser and diffuse in an open room for 15 minutes.

2. To make a master blend (big batch), add 50 drops of each oil to a 5 ml blend bottle. To diffuse, add 1 to 2 drops from your master blend to your diffuser for focused homework and study time.

Don't forget to grab your 3x5 printable, you can print it on cardstock for longer use!




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