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Top 10 Worship Songs for Kids

  I used to be a Sunday school teacher and one of the favorite things I love to do with the kids is the worship time. I love seeing all the children dancing their hearts out. Their spirit, energy, and willingness to give it all out are inspiring. It is true that it is such a joy to dance like no one is dancing. Watching my own girls dance and sing to worship songs brings happiness to my heart. My prayer is that they do not lose sight of the joy in worship when they grow up.

I am sharing our top 10 worship songs that we absolutely love to dance with.

1. God'sNot Dead by Newsboy
2. Alive by Hillsong Young and Free
3. Wake by Hillsong Young and Free
4. The River by Jordan Feliz
5. Backseat Driver by TobyMac
6.Light Shine Bright by TobyMac and Hollyn
7.Sinking Deep by Hillsong Young and Free
8. This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham
9. Brighter by Hillsong Young and Free
10. Marching On by Rend Collective

    I'm excited to share a new DVD by Hillsong kids, "Can you believe it"? It contains 14 songs. Not just songs by lyric videos!! So your kids can totally sing-along and dance with the songs that declare Bible truths. Both of our girls got so excited when they saw Funny Man Dan. They loved and knew Funny Man Dan from our church's kids ministry curriculum. We also enjoyed the music videos from select songs. In our society, we definitely need more of this. More kid-friendly resources that lead them to our Heavenly Father. Planting that seed of faith to our young ones is fundamental.

Here's Lu, loving her copy!

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About the DVD

Hillsong believes that teaching children to love God and others takes place in both the home and in the church. For this reason, they seek to partner with parents (the greatest teachers of all!) and with church pastors and leaders, equipping them with great resources. Through fun experiences, meaningful music, and ministry that encourages kids to participate, Hillsong Kids presents Jesus Christ and His Church in a relevant way, creating moments which children will never forget.

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