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10 Effective Ways to Build Your Email List

If you haven't built your email list yet and just starting, be assured that this task is not overwhelming when you have the right tools. While there are a lot of marketing platforms or ways to connect with your target audience, email marketing delivers effective results. If you plan on monetizing your blog or have a blog on top of a shop, an email list will boost your conversion rate.

As for me, I do love sending a monthly newsletter. Truth be told as a consumer myself. I do not want spamming even no matter how much I love a company. Once a month newsletter gives me the opportunity to connect with my readers. However, if I have a product that I am passionate about, such as the Ultimate Bundles, I do send once a week and maybe twice a week reminder most especially if a bundle is available for a limited time only.

Do you really need an email list even if you know that your social media platform will get high interaction? The answer, undoubtedly is YES! Facebook or Instagram are great tools for small business owners, bloggers, famous brands, and entrepreneurs. BUT, you need to have your own platform. Algorithm's are always tweaked! It can be frustrating when your post or content is not seen. However, building your own email list gives you a chance to develop relationship, loyalty, and connection. Revenue is also promising through your email list.

Now, are you ready? There are easy and effective ways to build your email list even if you are a new blogger!

1. Constant Contact 's Sign-up Forms

Constant contact had been in the email marketing business for 20 years. In fact 9 years ago when I used to work for a wholesale and retail fashion jewelry company, we used Constant Contact as our email marketing platform. It delivered revenues. Seventy-five percent of orders came from our newsletter featuring our new products. It also became our platform for announcing our trade-show events. Even though we mailed post cards with our upcoming trade show events, the email newsletter was an automatic reminder for customers.

You can build your email list by creating a sign-up form in your blog. I signed up for a free trial because the ease of use is very important for me. I do not want to figure out a bunch of new terminologies and complicated steps just to make a newsletter. NOBODY's got time for that.

From what I remember with their interface before, I can truly say that Constant Contact's features upgraded for the better. It is user-friendly (thank goodness!) and I love all the templates. They are stylish and professional looking. I was able to do a newsletter under  15 minutes. It actually took me more time to figure out which blog post should I feature.

They have a drag and drop feature and my favorite part is their technical support. I called to ask a few questions and to see how knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly they are --- because this is crucial too, right? I am very pleased and impressed. I also find the integration very helpful! I planned on transforming a portion of the blog to a store someday and it was neat to see that they integrate with Shopify.

Speaking of integration, do you see the Facebook sign-up form? You can also collect and capture emails through your Facebook page. Since I am using a different email marketing company and based on what I have seen (experienced) so far, I will be making the switch.

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Why don't you try it for yourself and do share your experience with Constant Contact.

2. Facebook (Blogging) Groups

I am an admin of a Facebook group, Bloggers Social Media Support Group. Facebook blogging groups emerged as a support and reciprocation platform. It is hard to keep up with the changing algorithm's and with hundreds and hundreds of blogs out there, how do you stand out?

Usually, Facebook blogging group will offer support such as if you have any questions or help with the technical side of Wordpress or Blogger or any blogging related questions. Some groups offer threads, such as Blog Subscribe thread wherein bloggers help each other grow their email list.

3. Offer freebies (Ebook or printables)

Going back to sign-up forms, you can offer a hard to decline ebook, printables, or even training depending on your niche. Some bloggers embed sign-up forms on different blog post not just on their homepage as a pop-up form.

4. Training Class

Most of the bloggers that I follow and admire offer free classes or training. Some are blogging related  courses some are for personal development purposes. Leverage on those opt-ins!

5. Host a giveaway

You can host your own giveaway or sign-up to be a product reviewer that offers another product for giveaway. You can opt for email sign-up as an entry.

6. Call-to-Action

Have a Call-to-Action button on your Facebook page. As I have mentioned above, you can link your call-to-action landing page that will require an email address to access your resources.

7. Other platforms

I'm sure you have heard how audience interaction is important on Instagram. If you have a wide and active audience, be creative and authentic on a post that will encourage your readers to sign-up on your email subscription. Make sure that your profile on Instagram has your website link too! Pinterest is also a effective and great tool. My page visits increased significantly because of Pinterest. You can create well-designed graphics for the resources and ebooks that you are offering. You will be amazed with the leads generated by Pinterest.

8. Link Parties or Blog Hops

While Facebook blogging groups are famous nowadays, do not forget that hosting a link-up or a linky party is still effective. In my opinion, it is more intimate and you will be building authentic relationship with other bloggers. Offer an email reminder sign-up for when the party is live.

8. Guest Post

Build relationship with other bloggers by offering to guest post. It does not only expand your audience and reach but you can also include a call-to-action or include your blog website by the author byline.

9. Webinars

Offer a webinar that will benefit your audience. The webinar will require an email address for registration and reminder.

10. Facebook Ads

As with Facebook Ads, you can select your target audience. Start by creating an effective graphic or image with your email URL. I'm sure you have also seen ads that are sponsored that has a sign-up option. For a little as $5, you will be able to build your email list!

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