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How to Save Money on Groceries

     Retail stores and online stores have come along way as far as marketing their business and getting more customers. Innovation and technology had made it possible to effortlessly compare prices, provide coupons, manage orders, and make shopping easier for busy families. There are Walmart and Target that is famous for online pick-up. Instacart makes it possible to shop at the comfort of your home and have your own personal shopper. Sam's Club just recently announced its ambitious and yet impressive marketing plans: cashier-less store (Sam's Club Now).

     What is it about? Costumers will use the Sam’s Club Now app to scan the items they are purchasing as you shop and there will be a final scan from a Sam's Club Now employee as you exit to complete your purchase. Furthermore, its plans will also include smart shopping lists that automatically update as you scan items, intelligent maps that serve as a guide as you navigate the store and hunt for the items on your list( includes) augmented reality and lastly, the addition of electronic shelf labels.

     It does make me wonder, how will it affect the prices? What does this mean to a regular family? While it does make shopping a lot easier, I know most moms agree that our top concern in keeping the budget is affordability.


There are a lot of ways we can save (amid innovation) and we just need to be careful and be reminded that sometimes comfort comes with a price. Here are smart and easy ways to save money as well as earn money at these stores: Walmart, Target Lowes, Groupon, and Aldi.


Aside from the clearance and roll-back prices, take advantage of their online pick-up and free grocery pick-up. Not only you get to save time but it can significantly save your moolah. I know that I have poor control (working on it!). There are just too many things to see! I pretty much end up convincing myself that I need an item and get out of the store with more than I intended to buy.

You can also take advantage of their free shipping if you are not in a big hurry.  I also save money on buying what is in the season that is usually on sale. But you have to make sure that you only buy what you will surely use for that particular season. I love after-season shopping for Christmas and Halloween. I can get costumes for our girls for $5.00 each (sometimes less than that) and Christmas ornaments or wrappers for half-off (sometimes 75% off). If you are an avid coupon user, by all means...use the coupons! But use it only for the items you truly use.

Earn cash back through Rakuten and Ibotta. I love how Rakuten reminds me if there is an available coupon or cashback. I have the Ibotta app in my phone along with Walmart and Target (where I usually shop). You need to connect your Walmart or Target account first with Ibotta so you can start earning cashback. I would first check Ibotta if there are cashback available on the things that I need. You can also earn bonuses. For example if you claim ertain number of offers, you will get an extra amount of money. It is really easy and the money will add up. 

Here's my Ibotta account and the current bonuses the offer.

After I have chosen all the discount or cashback that I need, Ibotta makes it easy to shop in-app. Even if you are using the Ibotta app, there is a button that you can click that will direct you to the Walamrt or Target app to continue shopping. Furthermore, there is a tab that will show your list so you do not have to go back and forth between the Ibotta app and the Walmart/Target app.
Here's  my account again;

I'm sure you have heard and used the in-app Cartwheel offers at Target. It is now Target Circle. Similarly to Cartwheel, you still add offers (discounted items) to your wallet that you can redeem at the check out..

 Additionally, there will be extra offers in your wallet tab, have oppurtunities to receive extra earnings. and get 5% discount if you use your Target card. If you do not have a Target credit card, you can apply for a RedCard that links your debit card.

Rakuten is very similar to Ibotta. I have the add-on in my computer. Everytime I go to a website to shop, it reminds me of a cashback aamount and coupons they currently offer. Here's a screenshot of my Rakuten earnings:

Use my referral code when you are ready to use Rakuten.
 If you spend $30, you and I will get $30 cashback.


  First of all, I love Lowe's customer service. They offer 10% military including veterans discount (just like Home Depot --but then again, I love Lowe's customer relations). You can also use competitors coupon (with approval from store management) and price-match perks. Read their statement HERE. It is always a good idea to watch for their circular sales or you can sign-up for their newsletter to keep tabs on their onde day deals. We also use gift cards that we purchase from Scrip that gives a certain percentage back that off sets from my daughter's tuition fee.


I absolutely love Groupon! Some of the best memories my family had were purchased from Groupon deals. I kid you not! We went to Vegas for the first time with our kids and spent less than $100 for two nights, buffet for two included. We stayed at the Circus Circus Hotel. Even though there is a resort fee, it is still a great deal! I used Groupon for salon experiences and learning experiences too!

Download the app so you can watch for deals. Sign-up for email alerts because on top of the good deals, they do email you with coupon codes.


What's not to love at Aldi! You can eat organic and save money on gluten-free essentials at this store, From a mom with dietary restrictions, Aldi is such a blessing to our family. I have heard that you can even save more when you use Checkout 51 and Receipt Hog app. I have not tried it yet but I know that stocking up on healthy items is easy with Aldi. The Intentional Mom shares a comprehensive cheat sheet on saving money at Aldi.

I just always use Fetch awards because it is just so easy! All I have to do is to scan my receipts using their app. I get points by scanning and extra bonus points if I have purhased a product that has special offers in their app. What to do you get in return? Giftcards and other rewards to choose from!

I love that I can alos use this app not just with Aldi but there are lots of stores included like Walmart, Target, drug stores, etc. And yes, you can use this app plus Rakuten or Ibotta to double up your savings and earnings. 

Ready to try Fetch Rewards, use my referral code (2B4Q3) and we will both get 2,000 points when you sign-up. Also, when you refer another friend you get another 2,000. Give it a try! 

Referral Code: 2B4Q3

How about you? Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to shopping? I would love to give it a try too.

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