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Teaching Kids To Do the Right Thing and a Giveaway

The beginning of this school year was a little tough for our eldest daughter. She is in first grade and for me..it is her first real school experience. Real school experience because she is at school for a longer time ( as compared to being in T.K. or Kindergarten) , lessons are a bit harder and it is where the kids are in transition. A stage where they just moved on from early childhood but not quite on a big kid stage. It is also a period in child development in which they are still learning how to handle setbacks and self-regulation, and are exploring their boundaries and identities. They are more articulate and able to express their thoughts ( Hello talking back). It is also a stage where they may test their boundaries but at this stage , they do have some knowledge of the difference between right and wrong.

That being said, our daughter experienced this first hand. She had been telling us about a classmate of hers that was not being nice to her. In one instance, she was asked by her classmate to NOT finish her schoolwork. And if she does, she will not be her classmate's friend anymore. She cried and got stressed. Seven year olds are also people pleasers. They want friends to play with! So when she got home, she poured her heart out to me. She got hurt and stressed. having to choose between doing the right thing and having a friend ..even if it would get her in trouble with her teacher.

I asked her what did she do. She said " I did my school work, I did what was asked by my teacher".  Proud moment for me right there. She added , "but she didn't want to be my friend anymore" . With that teaching moment, I told her that being honest and doing the right thing may not gain you a whole lot of friends but it will certainly bring you good ones.

It was probably one of my most memorable talks with her. Now, with our 4 yr. old...teaching her how to do the right thing  is an everyday occurrence in this household. She is the youngest and sometimes unconsciously she gets away with things. One of the great ways we teach certain values to them is through the power of reading.

When I read these two cute books to our 4 yr old, her first thought was..the bunny is very cute. Mine was " wow, beautifully illustrated and sturdy for little hands".  We began reading the first book and her whole attention was on the book. After reading the books, she told me...If I can be like the bunny's mom because she never got mad with the small bunny. Honestly, I didn't know if I will laugh or be bothered by that comment. But just like any other parent, I used that as a teachable moment that telling the truth and doing the right thing is always the best.

This two book teach those values in a fun and engaging way.

About the Books:

In No, No, Bunny , Little Bunny has been taking things that don’t belong to him: pennies from Mama’s purse, a friend’s toy car, and a candy bar from the store. Taking everything seemed like a good decision at the time, but now Little Bunny feels sad. He confesses to his Mama and returns the items to their owners, learning that doing what’s right is always best.

In Uh-Oh, Bunny , finds Little Bunny being a bit careless: drawing on walls, knocking over a plant, tearing pages from a book. When Mama asks him about the messes, Little Bunny chooses to be honest, which makes Mama happy. With Mama’s help, Little Bunny cleans up each mess. Preschoolers will learn, in a gentle, non-didactic way, that telling the truth is always best.

Pages : 16 pages
Ages : 2 to 5 years old
Format : Board book

About the Author:

Pamela Kennedy loves writing for children and has authored more than thirty books of stories, prayers, and devotions. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, playing with her grandchildren, and exploring the beaches of Puget Sound. Pam and her husband currently live in Seattle, Washington. 

About the Illustrator:

Claire Keay lives in an ancient market town in the south of England where she works from her little home studio. After years working as a special education teacher for preschoolers, Keay decided to pursue her love of illustration. She now happily illustrates several children’s books each year, as well as children’s magazines, greeting cards, and stationery. In her spare time, Keay loves to garden, spend time with her teenage sons, and sing in her local community choir.


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