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40 New Years Resolutions for Moms

UPDATE: Here's an oldie but a sure goodie! The post below was from last year but had gotten a great response. Please remember that while 40 is a whole lot, these are more of a reminder. You are a good mom.

Are you all ready for 2017?  I feel like I am still recovering from Christmas and here we are, getting ready to ring in the New Year. There were so many adventures, great memories, new friendships, bad experiences, and bad days that 2016 brought to give some valuable lessons. Do you still remember all of the resolutions that you made for 2016? I’m sure most of you were not able to stick to it. If you are like me, I had a pretty long list of resolutions. As far as travel goes, we can do that. More than what I expected. With blogging, I was also able to meet my goals.

 Truth be told, as far as personal and family resolutions, I did not stick to it. Life happens, and we get swamped.  This 40 New Years Resolution for moms may be too much for some but think of this as a guide and a reminder also, to be a happy momma.  I had bouts of crying moments because I was so overwhelmed. There were times when I questioned myself if I was cut out for this mommy gig.

It also came to a point where praying got difficult even if I knew that praying is what I should do in those difficult times. So I told myself that serious change needs to happen. I hope you take my resolutions and reminders as your reminder as well.

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 I wish you all a blessed and Happy New Year! 


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  1. I just read it. It gave me some new ideas. I will share them as soon as I can in Social media. You resolution is some way very insightful. Thank you for this.


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