Coconut Pineapple Chicken - A Bountiful Love

Coconut Pineapple Chicken

My healthy obsession to anything coconut roots back to my younger years in Philippines. We pretty much used it not just on meals and desserts. I've seen my grandma, aunts, mom and sisters used coconut oil for their skin and hair . I've seen friends and relatives use coconut oil for medicinal purpose of it too. From skin rashes or diaper rashes to constipation, yep I've utilized the wonder coconut.

I just wish I have a easy access for a fresh coconut milk, which we do back home.  But I can live with what we have here..canned, carton and even powdered one. I am still in love with wonder coconut.

I am over at My Joy Filled Life  with a delicious and flavor filled recipe. This recipe combines my two favorite ingredients to cook with : coconut of course and pineapple.It is also is an easy dish to cook and budget friendly to boot.

Hop on over at My Joy Filled Life and grab the easy recipe for Coconut Pineapple Chicken. And while your there , pin or share the recipe to your chicken loving friends and family. I am certain that they will love it too!

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