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10 Proven Ways To Be Happy

Nobody's got it together 365 days. We feel it every now and again. Those seasonal blues, it comes and it sneaks up on us. Sometimes, we just can't figure out what really is bothering us. I am not shy to admit that sometimes it happens to me. It can be the weather ( you know that muggy, cloudy kinda weather). It can be from feeling overwhelmed or at times feelings of failure . Motherhood has this way on us. You see, I am not perfect. There are some ways that worked for me in those days.. Please know that this post is not about Depression. If you or someone you know suffer from Depression, please pretty please seek professional help.

Consider this a handy list for those moody days...

1. Scripture and Prayer.

    I know you notice that this is on top of my list. Praying should NOT be your last resort. Praying is our first line of defense. It gets us in touch with God. Find a quiet place and just pour your heart out. He wants you to lean on Him and trust Him.

    Don't give God just a single shot to help you out, you will fail. Don't pray just because you wanted a quick fix and when He does not answer your prayers in the manner you want it to be..do not give up.

2. Random Acts of Kindness and serving.

    They call it "helper's high". Feelings of elation and increased energy that often follows helping other people

“To rid yourself of negative emotional states, you need to push them aside with positive emotional states and the simplest way to do that is to just go out and lend a helping hand to somebody.” ---Stephen G. Post, director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics at Stony Brook University

Sometimes, to know how blessed we are is to extend a helping hand.. to realize that the things we are taking for granted are the things that some people are wishing, praying for.

" Realize that the things we are taking for granted are the things that some people are wishing and praying for.  #abountifullove #gratitude "
It doesn't have to be random acts of kindness, maybe you can commit yourself to a certain amount of good deeds every week. You can also serve at your church's children ministry or wherever your calling may be. 

3. Get Moving

  Listen to your favorite..go to mood-lifting music. If you want, bust a move too! You can exercise and just get your self off that couch.  Physical activities can help improve your health and mood! Need more convincing read this .

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 4. The right food

I know..easier said than done. We all did that... gorge on food because we are in a bad mood. No, I am not going to take that away from you. Instead, why don't you munch on food that helps your mood! Eat clean and snack on good food like almonds, walnuts, blueberries, and veggies with hummus. Read this if you need some more good info on foods for good moods.

Eating the right kind of good food will definitely improve your energy level and so is knowing that you are taking care of yourself will boost your self-esteem.

5 .Unplug

    Social media is not always what it seems. It is too good in most cases. We only see the picture but do not think of the story behind it. It may seem picture perfect. That picture of your friend's kids on Facebook and you wonder how happy , easy and well behaved those kids are. Because we all tend to overthink,  you may compare her kids to yours! Here's the thing..you don't know how many shots it took to get that picture-perfect Facebook pic --> trust me coming from a mom that usually takes about 6 or more shots before I get that nice shot and SMILE from her kids.

    People tend to impress on social media too. Don't get me wrong because I am a social media kinda person. All I'm saying is, if it makes you blue. Unplug. It is really nice to just sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with a good book. Or much better, spend it with your loved ones!

6. Move things around

     You may be surprised by how a simple change in design in your home can do wonders with your mood. Try redecorating your home. Add more colors, move your furniture or just simply change your light bulbs! 

7. Gratitude

      Keep a gratitude journal. Don't focus on what's making you blue. Instead, write at least five things you are thankful for.

8. Hugfest

       I'm a stay at home mom and I get really overwhelmed. All moms can relate I'm sure..that feeling of failure. When no words can actually make me feel better right away, my husband GIVES ME A BIG BEAR HUG. Kids need it and adults too! Here are 10 Reasons Why We Need at least 8 Hugs a Day.

9.No man is an Island.

    I understand that it is really hard for some to reach out. We are built to connect with others. Give your friend a call and have a coffee. Connect at your kid's school..you may be surprised to meet a new friend. Always be open to new connections and never forget your true and good friends.

10. Take it outside

   Take a 20 to 30-minute brisk walk outside. Try not to confine yourself inside the fours walls of your home. Letting the sunshine in your home can do wonders too! Lift those curtains, let the air in.

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  1. I love this list! I love coffee dates with people, but often I find it hard to initiate that time. I also love to go for walks, but with the cold weather it's been hard to bundle up and get out there. Your post encouraged me to do these things anyway!
    I would love for you to link up this post with the new 100 Happy Days blog linkup! Here is the link if you are interested. :) http://lifeofscoop.com/100-happy-days-linkup-week-4/

    1. Hi Alison! Thank you for the invite , I will definitely link up. Me too, it's hard to initiate and I really try my best. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. This is a great list. Because you're right we all get moody sometimes; no one's perfect. I love the suggestion of unplugging. Social media can be deceiving sometimes, so unplugging is a great reminder that no one is perfect. Filtered feeds and edited pictures may exists, but the real thing is always better.

    Lovely to see you at this week's #SHINEbloghop! Thanks for sharing encouraging post with us :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi there Maria! I'm glad you stopped by. And yes, real thing is always better!

  3. I absolutely agree with these! I love encouraging and inspirational posts. I will be bookmarking this to refer back to once in awhile :)

  4. Great tips!! I do many of these when the "blues" come on and it works like a charm. Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

  5. I just love that your #1 is prayer! Prayer changes things. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a wonderful list, Cristina. I agree, prayer should always be our first line of defense in every situation. Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursdays. (I schedule out tweets of the links that are shared. I've tagged your tweet so be watching for it. :) )


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