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How To Take Beautiful Pictures Of Your Kids

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I love photographs.  I am that mom who always brings a camera in her purse.  Camera and Binky go hand in hand in my purse. I love being a mom and being able to stay home with my kids is such a blessing. I love watching them grow, I love being in the moment with them. I treasure each and every happy and not so happy moment with them. I am that mom, who loves to capture those moments. So when my husband gave me Canon EOS Rebel T3i for my birthday... I was over the moon!

Nah, I am not a professional photographer by any means, like what I said..I am a mom who just LOVES taking pictures of our kids.  What's the beauty in capturing photos of your kids or family? There is a true relationship and that true moment that you want to capture. Sometimes, taking pictures of your lil kiddos can be a daunting task for a variety of reasons - they fidget. A LOT, they look anywhere but at the camera and they give you a forced smile.

So how do you capture stunning pictures of your kids?

1.  Let them be themselves

"Say cheese "
"Look at the camera"..
"I said..look at the camera" ..
"Smile..pleaaaase smile? "...
" about a treat after this shot .."
" Good grief..just look at the camera "

       Sounds familiar? Been there, done that! Let go of what a picture-perfect photo scene should look like.  There is no beauty with a forced smile.  Talk with them, what usually makes them laugh or giggle. Capture true emotions.

2. Good atmosphere.

When you start looking for a property, one of the terms you will always hear is location, location, location. Same with taking pictures of our kids, provide a safe and happy location. It can be a familiar location such as our homes.  Try a private location too, it is hard for kids to concentrate when there are millions of things to look at or hundreds of stimulation. Play their favorite music that may bust out their dancing moves, giddy mood and sillies out.

3. Shoot close.

Kids don't mind personal space. get down to your kids height so they will look at the camera. Getting closer to your kids when taking pictures adds that personal and intimate details to your photo.

Raw and beautiful

4. Keep on clicking

Do not limit yourself to just one shot.  They are always on the go and sometimes we tend to miss that perfect moment to capture.

5.  Avoid scripted shots

Our youngest, she's just three and yet she knows how to pose. We never told her how to pose and every pose she makes is just picture perfect. Like what I have mentioned above, capture true and raw emotion.

6. A good camera and know your camera.

I am not asking you to buy one just to have a great picture, smartphones nowadays provide awesome shots.
If investing in a DSLR camera is in your near future, don't just stop there. Know your camera. I am a momma who loves capturing moments and a blogger but I am still learning how to use my camera.


  1. These are such wonderful tips! I admit I use my smartphone so much more than my DSLR to take pictures of my daughter, but I may just bite the bullet and get that digital photography pack you linked to. It sounds like a great opportunity to finally properly learn how to use my camera! Thanks so much for sharing. Your kids are gorgeous! :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much.. I hear you, our smartphone is way more handy. Knowing my camera opened doors for me. Especially did wonders on my blog stats. PLUS.. the wonderful pictures are proudly displayed in our house. The bundle is a great investment. Thank you for stopping by..

  2. Great pictures and tips!! I have been looking for a nicer camera for a while now so thanks for the info :)

    1. Hi Autumn! Have fun hunting for a new camera :) I am sure you'll do wonders with it..Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Great pictures and great advice! Thanks so much!!!

    1. Thank you Erin! and you are welcome..Have a great weekend!

  4. These are wonderful tips! I find that shooting close and continual clicking give me the best shots.

    Fabulous resources you've shared here.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Jennifer! love to see you here..I appreciate your consistency of showing support to other bloggers! Have a great weekend too!

  5. Good tips for all of us photo-shooting moms. I have a nice DSLR and have discovered that having a nice camera is fine, but really, the camera is only as good as the photographer. I'm still learning. :) That bundle looks amazingly thorough! Visiting today from Saturday Soiree.

  6. Wonderful tips and beautiful pictures!
    Thanks for sharing with us at Mommy Monday :)


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