Love Begins by Taking Care of the Closests Ones -- the Ones at Home . A QUICK HIATUS - A Bountiful Love

Love Begins by Taking Care of the Closests Ones -- the Ones at Home . A QUICK HIATUS

Dear sweet readers of mine,

" Love begins by taking care of the closest one -- the ones at HOME " -- Mother Theresa

Love that quote. In fact, it is one of my favorite quote that I truly live by and I do advocate it. We all can inspire and we all can make a difference to a fast pace, technologically inclined, modern world. Everyday life can either be mundane or stressful. Luckily, we have a choice. 

We've been busy these past few weeks. Between planning a trip, school, Church, some extracurricular activities and errands.. there is just not enough time in a day. When you are raising small children, I know you will understand how crazy it can get and how much important it is to be PRESENT. How important it is FILL THEIR LOVE TANK in spite of the everyday busy-mess.. busyness.


Honestly, hubby and I are still adjusting to our new role. There was a lot of changes to routines, schedules and ways since our eldest went to school. It is a good change and I love it. We love seeing her learn new things and oh how she gets excited about going to school. It is the same with Lucy too. She is also adjusting. From just being around us and somewhat "sheltered" life..School scene and setting can be too much for her too.

On the other hand , Lucy's time at school means ,alone time with our youngest Lily. They grow up way too fast , my sensitive and emotional mama heart calls me to spend those " open times" with her. Without distractions. Just her and me. 

How can I say no to building more good memories with that sweet and happy kid?

and with my down times , aside from finding a "me time".. I would love to spend time with this handsome man of mine.

Finding a's not easy. Possible with God's help.

No , I don't plan on being a helicopter mom. I just want to build more memories with my Lily bug. I had plenty with Lucy when she was at her little sisters age.

With that being said , I will be on a quick..break. A short hiatus.

   I have a lot of good plans on future post and recipes. I will be working on inspiring and helpful topics and recipes! Because I do love all of my readers .. I want to give you all a great content.

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  1. Khit,

    What a great response to the tug on your mama's heart. Enjoy soaking up every minute with those sweet girls! I will be waiting with anticipation for when you return! Keep in touch, my friend!


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