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Valentine's Day Wreath Craft for Toddlers & Preschoolers

What another way to teach your kids about Valentine's Day than to do crafts with them. Jumping bean is 22 months old and the big sister is 4 yrs old. They love to color and make "stuff".

This is really fun to do and cheap. 

You'll need:

Paper plates or an empty cereal box.
Cut out hearts (construction papers, different colors).
 Cat template - free from DLTK Growing together
Scissors and Paste
Crayons, Markers

Start out by tracing a small plate onto the paper plate , then cutting it to make the wreath.

Let your little ones color the cat templates. 

Print here: DLTK growing home

Supervise your kids with the cutting part . Paste the cat cut outs on top of the wreath.

Our ever happy jumping bean, she is feeling a little under the weather but wouldn't miss crafting fun with mom and sister.

Paste the heart cutouts around the wreath.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way of doing crafts or activity with our kids. Everything is a learning opportunity for them. It will be messy and sticky, I am not a big fan of the cleanup part either but time enjoyed together is worth it.

It was fun, we made three wreaths! and it is proudly displayed in our humble home.

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