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Initials / Name wall art Tutorial

I am expecting our 2nd baby girl and wanted to make something special for our girls.  Already made initial wall art cab be pricey.

So this bouncy momma took off and went to a craft store to make my own.

here's my easy take on these wall art;

You'll need:

  •  Scrapbooking papers ( they have tons of cute ones at Micheal's..imagine i took me a while  to choose ) .29 to .59 cents each
  • Mod Podge ( my favorite craft item for now) $3.49
  • Wood Cut out Initials , size of your choice. I use 5 " $1.49 ea letter
  • Cut out wood flowers or any design..they have animals too ..for add ons.  .59 cents each
  • Craft paint .79 cents
  • sponge / paint brush
  • scissors
How to:

  1. Paint the sides of your cut out initials, not unless your up for a natural looking style.

2. Trace  your letter to the scrapbook paper of your choice. .and carefully cut it.

3. Apply Mod podge evenly on your initials.

4.  stick your already cut paper into your initial

5. Do the same thing to the rest of your initials and lastly..adhere your cut out flowers or animals. Your choice ..your design.

and Tada...

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