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   If you are a blogger , I am sure you know that pain. The pain of writing, editing , sharing a blog post..a killer blog post that you think will get shares , pins or re tweets. It is hard especially on Facebook , not all have the budget or are willing to pay just to promote the post.

The goal of this group is to help bloggers build the engagement on our blogs and social media profiles.We have scheduled threads and follow threads.

THREADS ARE TWICE A WEEK ( to give members a chance to complete the threads and reciprocate) MONDAY TO TUESDAY AND THURSDAY to FRIDAY
---->Threads such as:Pinterest ( Re-pin) , Twitter ( Re-tweet/like), Stumble upon, Blog ( click throughs), Instagram ( likes/comment), Facebook ( like/comment)
WEDNESDAY ( Gaining followers!)
---> Follow day! This is where you share your profile or social media link to get more followers.
---> Blog comment day. There will be threads on your niche! 
There will also be BONUS DAYS! Such as Guest Post opportunity, Blog Subscription day, Pinterest Collaborator days and You Tube days.

To join the group , send your email address to 
abountifullove(at) gmail(dot)com  OR  click here and request to join

We also have a Pinterest Collaborative Board , If you want to be a contributor , Follow the board ( I will add you right away or send a message if I missed you) or send me your email address so I can send you an invite . 


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