Let them get Dirty..Let them Explore

Are you one of those parents who easily gets disgusted with the sight of your kids playing in the dirt? Do you worry so much about the germs and bacteria that your kid can be expose to? I was just like that with our first born daughter. If I could put her in a bubble ( without me looking like an extreme and lunatic mom) I think I would.

I was that mom, who did not want messy high chairs , so I seldom let her eat by herself until I saw how fun and excited she was the first time she was able to feed herself . I was that mom who controls everything when the kids do some fun painting. I want to control the messy paints...for easy clean up.
I worry too much about paint stains in their cute outfits.

I was that mom , who cringed when she plays with dirt stepped on mud  or would pick up a soiled rock. until I really looked into her eyes and noticed how happy she truly is! She was learning and having fun.. Outdoors (and sunshine) does your soul and body good.

 Latest research states that children who spends almost all day  playing indoors (instead of outdoors-- in the dirt and sunshine), with unhealthy amounts of time with technology, have a increased risk of obesity, vitamin D deficiency, depression and also attention deficit hyper-activity disorder.  It is normal to worry about exposing our kids to germs and bacteria. Dirt shelters bacteria , so we have concerns.  Studies now recommend playing in the dirt as a way to boost the body’s immune system,  allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease. ( Read : Hygiene Hypotheses ). I am not a professional nor an expert to tell you more about bacteria and germs.

All I can suggest is that outdoors and a good amount of dirt will not harm your kid. Let them play outside and have sunshine! You know how we complain about how busy we get and we just don't have time for a slow down moments?  Well, this is your time..watch them explore.. study their faces.

I love how my girls would hand me some rocks and flowers. It is special because it is all they have as of the moment but they were thinking of me. They offered it to me because they found it and thought of  it as a special gift for their momma.

 I understand that every situation, places and where you live differs.  Access to parks or other recreational areas  might be limited to your area. However , there are no limit to our creativity. A simple stroll outside is good . Try a nature walk with a basket in tow to start a rock, leaves and stick collection. How about starting a mini garden?

Washing hands after the " exploration" with good old soap and water is important to keep them from getting sick, along with their vitamin supplements and keeping all of their immunizations up to date. 

Meanwhile . enjoy that time ..they will never be that small again.

 Are you looking for ways to connect and strengthen relationship with your children? Here's a must read for parents. 


  1. Wonderful post! Some parents have gone over the edge in creating an overprotected world. Last weekend my family was at a state park and I actually heard a father telling his son not to run...in the outdoors. How sad.

    1. Hi Julie..thank you for taking the time to stop by , know that it is greatly appreciated. It is sad..yes it is a bacteria filled world out there but we have to find a happy medium on letting our kids..be kids. God bless!

  2. I agree so much with you on this point...just last weekend my daughter went and played inside a fountain with her friends and got all wet. Though i was freaked out a little (i know, i am one of those mums) but i saw an amazing sense of joy in her and her friends that i just couldn't let go of. Thanks for sharing this great post on kids weekly co-op

    1. Hi Marwa! I still am..one of those moms too.. I still freak out every now and again..hah! I let it go..once I tune in to how truly they are having fun. Thank you for stopping by and taking the to comment.


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