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Stay True Planner Review

 I love planners and had always been looking for the perfect planner for a while now. Last year my friends gifted me with a She's in her Apron Planner. I fell in love with the planner! In fact, I ordered the same planner for next year as it has every tool I needed.  As a busy working mom, I can not function without a planner. Yes, I still use my phone calendar app for scheduling as well as the notes app but I love writing things down.  My devotional time is something that I want to plan on transforming. I had been slacking and had not intentionally invested in my quiet time with the Lord. 

 I do have a church notes journal that I can look back into when I needed a reminder. I am so blessed to be able to review the Stay True Daily Planner. There are so many things that I love about this planner. First of all, it is primarily geared towards transforming your devotional time with God but it also addresses other aspects of life such as personal development, finances, and goals. Second, I can't believe how affordable it is! It is only $49.99. That is less than what I paid for the other planner I just recently bought. It is a hardcover planner with plenty of useful tools/specs. We have a giveaway for this planner at the bottom of this post!


The planner was designed by Tope Akinsiku. She is a wife, Pastor, author, mentor, podcaster, and traveler too! She designed the planner after being disappointed with not being able to find a Christ-centred planner that will help her grow spiritually and track other aspects of her life as well. After using it the planner for herself, she shared it with her friends and was convicted to share this precious planner so other people will be blessed too!

Planner Details: 

  • The planner has a silk ribbon marker so you don’t lose your place 
  • Five Pillars of the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment: Accountability, Love, Inspiration, Values, Excellence A.L.I.V.E. Assessment: a tool to align your goals with your purpose
  •  Assessment Card: QR Code and link to access your assessment + unique code to create an account Growth Plan: a guide to set actionable steps to achieve your goals
  • Created with Purpose: a guide to understanding and discovering your purpose 
  • Big Audacious Goals: long-term goals to accomplish throughout the year 
  • Calendar: a 2-page monthly calendar spread to plan your month 
  • Monthly Goals: long-term goals broken down into monthly attainable goals 
  • Daily Actions: daily steps to reach your overall goals
  • Goals for Bible Reading: a guide to enhance your spiritual growth 
  • Daily Devotional: daily reflections on your Bible reading of the day 
  • Monthly self-check: an opportunity to reflect on the previous month 
  • Year-End Review: an end-of-year assessment to reflect on Bible References: scriptures to pray and meditate on.
This is my favorite tool: The Big Audacious Goals

Here are the daily devotional pages:

The Stay True Planner allows you to set meaningful goals that align with your purpose and values and track your progress throughout the year. If you want to be purposeful with your quiet time with God and at the same align your goals Biblically...this is the planner for you! I smiled when I was flipping through the pages because the only thing I can think of is this planner will allow you to plan and set goals while partnering with our Heavenly Father! How amazing will that be if all the areas of our lives are planned with God?

Your planner will come with a sturdy keepsake box and a notebook. If you love writing notes, prayers, scriptures, or just doodling, you will appreciate this extra bonus. The planner has 10 pages of purpose-driven and goal-setting guidance so you can better use your planner. Did I tell you that the planner itself is hardcover and sturdy?  Here are some specs:
280 pages 120 Smyth-sewn 80lb page 
Size: 7.8” x 10.25”
 Paper Size: 7.48” x 10” 
Planner Weight (with box): 3lb/1.4kg

If you visit The Stay True Daily Planner website, you will find useful and FREE printables. Here's the website: Stay True Daily Planner


Father, I pray (Teen Edition)  31 Days Prayer Journal will empower your teenager to partner with God through prayers. Here are a few of the themes inside the devotional:
  • Salvation Greatness 
  • Drinking and Drugs Protection 
  • Obedience 
  • Aptitude for Learning 
  • Love for God’s 
  • Word Excellence 
  • Sexual Temptation 
  • Sexual Maturity

Speaking of sexual maturity and temptation, I have a preteen and this is not something that I would let her read for now. I pray that you will find discernment of these topics is age-appropriate enough to be addressed.

Tools inside the devotional:

Daily Bible Readings - Guided readings for the day with reflections 
Daily Bible Promises - Promises to appropriate from the Bible 
Daily Prayer Prompts - Focused prayers based on the promise of the day
Daily Gratitude Prompts - List of things to be grateful for.

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