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AR Goal Token Board

 If you have an elementary child or children at home, I am sure that you are aware of what AR means. AR stands for Accelerated Reader (Renaissance) where your child's reading is assessed, given a level range (ZPD range) in which a student can read. They are given a goal and take quizzes to assess their understanding. 

 Sometimes our children forget to take quizzes or may feel unmotivated to read. I made my own token board to motivate my girls to read and take quizzes so they can reach their goals set by their teachers. The token board I made is different from the free printable below. I have combined both of my girls in one page and you can see below that it is just a plain and simple design. 

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 I laminated my token board for two reasons: to make it last longer and so I can use velcro. Heree's an affordable laminator from Amazon. For their reward or MO (motivations), I used their interests and favorite things to do. The free printable provides blank squares so you can personalize the rewards and use whatever motivates your child.


   Just a few reminders with AR goal setting. Their reading level is not a measurement of their intelligence and capabilities. Set goals with your children and involve your teacher. I remember talking to a mom who followed her gut feeling and talked to her child's teacher as she felt that her kid's reading level does not match with the child's understanding. She felt that the level is a "little high". An opportunity for a challenge is different from a struggle. One of the purposes of AR quizzes, assessments, and data from Star tests is to better guide the students to grow at the right level. We need to be mindful of the motivations and encouragement we use.

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 Use MO (motivation) that will not negatively affect your family dynamic or rules. As for my family, we limit the use of video games. But I included extra time with Nintendo Switch or tablet time for their rewards. Extra time varies from 15 to 30 minutes. I sometimes change it up too depending on their latest interest. During hot school days, we love to have ice cream for dessert.  I had included "Ice Cream Choice" for their reward (most of the time, they argue on what flavor we should buy). What I DON'T include are our time for them such as a mommy/daddy-daughter date or "cuddle" time (as what my youngest daughter will call it. I just do not want them to think nor grow-up thinking that they had to earn their special time with us.

This is our AR Goal Token Board at home.

 This free printable is in PDF format. You can download it straight from Adobe or Google Drive. It is for personal use only but you can as many as your want depending on how many kids you have. If you would like to share this printable with another family, feel free to do so. I only ask that you direct them on this post.



If you are having issues or troubles with the downloads, feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email (robandkhit** I am happy to send the attachments directly to your inbox.

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